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Bush to visit Canada; sentence him for war-crimes

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(From John Shafer) George Bush will visit Calgary on March 17, to speak to 1500 invited guests at a “private function” put on by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, a huge international law firm and a company called tinePublic. As a private citizen, travelling across the international border, he is, theoretically, arrestable for war crimes. I am unaware of exactly what is necessary to accomplish this but hope someone is on to it. I was appalled that there was no mobilization of protests called for the Obama visit. That he seems like a nice black man should not have made a difference. Why wasn’t Canada’s anti-war movement out in force?

I don’t know what can be done on the Bush visit but clearly there are many including me that believe these politicians should not enjoy impunity and must answer for their crimes if “rule of law” means anything. Are there any progressive lawyers in Canada anymore that know what is necessary to effect a Bush arrest. The world will be watching and I hope there’s more than just cheering as was mostly the case recently when Obama came to Ottawa.

best John Shafer

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