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Arrest Jimmy Carter?

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Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter met Nasser al-Shaer, a senior Hamas leader, and is scheduled to meet Khaled Mashaal, the exiled leader of Hamas, in Syria on Friday. Hamas are listed as a terrorist organization by Public Safety Canada. So are the Tamil Tigers, among many others. The recent building seizures of World Tamil Movement offices in Montreal and Toronto are part of a string of first-time measures being implemented under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act, which was pushed through Parliament shortly after 9/11. Parallels with the Patriot Act are strikingly similar, and the effects on freedom of expression and freedom of association are vast. A 2002 CISIS report had anti-globalization, Aboriginal and anti-abortion groups listed as potential terrorist groups. Will we arrest and seize their members and assets as well? While we’re at it, will we arrest Jimmy Carter for speaking with a “terrorist” group on his next visit to Canada?

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