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  • Massive protest in Quebec against huge hike in tuition fees

    About 200,000 university and college students across Quebec shut down their campuses on November 10 to protest a projected 75% increase in tuition fees in the recent budget of the Liberal government headed by Jean Charest. Up to 30,000 students and supporters marched in Montréal, while other demonstrations were held in some other regions.

  • Stephen Harper’s social engineering

    Harper’s contempt for democratic governance and the activist state is running up against a capitalist reality that can’t be ignored. Flaherty’s fall economic statement reveals the corner the government is in. It has now pushed forward the date for getting rid of the deficit (read: cutting social spending) by a year.

  • Occupy the NDP

    There’s nothing quite like a global social movement to knock other stuff off the front pages and the Occupy movement has done just that.

  • Sudbury’s 99%: Day 1

    A journalistic piece about the first day of a new “Occupy” action, this one in Sudbury, Ontario.

  • Quote: Masculinity

    A short (though fairly academic) quote about masculinity from a book I’m reading at the moment…

  • Occupy: What can it teach the left?

    The occupy movement has been a like a powerful cleansing wind blowing over the political landscape – exposing not just the obscenely rich, and criminally irresponsible political elite, but almost every other political player too: cowardly liberals, cautious social democrats, the strangely silenced churches, social movements stuck in the past, and a moribund labour movement. Indeed, that is what is most striking about this movement: it owes nothing to anyone.

  • From October 15th forward, occupy and dream together

    What if instead of international trade, finance and debt systems that put the rich and corporations first, we had economic systems that put people and planet first?

  • Taking Hope From Right-Wing Ridiculousness

    In the course of some research, I encountered a right-wing blog post about “protest” published in the lead-up to last year’s G20 summit. In this post, I engage a little bit with the ridiculous things it says and argue that the very silliness they exemplify can be a reason to be hopeful.

  • Occupy Wall Street, Together, and Nonviolence

    Everything about the occupy wall street movement is inspiring to those of us on the left who have long-standing and well-founded questions about capitalism.

  • Is something happening here?

    Occupy Wall Street – and now Bay Street? The 99%? Conservatives losing elections all over the country? A Red Tory elected head of the Alberta Conservatives? American billionaires demanding to be taxed at higher rates? Is something happening here?

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