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  • Movement History Update

    A post with the latest news and information about a project (mine) focused on exploring the history of Canadian social movements and the history of Canada from the perspectives of social movements.

  • Review: Teaching Critical Thinking

    A review of Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom, the latest book about teaching and pedagogy by prolific feminist writer bell hooks.

  • Review: Demography and Democracy

    My review of Himani Bannerji’s latest book, Demography and Democracy: Essays on Nationalism, Gender and Ideology

  • Corporate Propaganda and the Student Strike

    A reply to a column about the role of social media in the strike. Given its vastly superior access to power and financial resources, it is worth asking whether corporate media is also capable of exciting “ideological extremism and polarization.”

  • Review: BUILD Prosperity

    Shaun Loney – the CEO and founder of the internationally recognized BUILD Inc. non-profit – has written a pragmatic yet visionary policy manual for addressing systemic market, environmental, and social issues in Manitoba.  Designed 
  • Beyond Harper: Rebuilding community

    Of all the appalling abuses of democracy and ruthless dismantling of the country represented by Bill C-38 one stands out of as representative of the right wing dystopia that Stephen Harper has in store for the 99 per cent. And that is the mentality and ideology behind the draconian changes to EI. This is particularly true of the changes affecting seasonal workers in the Atlantic region but in general the whole underlying principle that workers should simply move, holus bolus, to where the jobs are is an assault on the very nature of community.

  • Time for big ideas: Imagine Canada after Harper

    Stephen Harper, too, shall pass into history, recorded as one of the most destructive, personally malignant personalities ever to have soiled the Canadian political landscape.But in the meantime, Canadians are so distracted by his political blitzkrieg through the agencies, policies, programs and institutions that make Canada what it became over five decades, that we are in danger of losing our imagination regarding what is truly possible in this country. While it may seem counter-intuitive, now is the time for Canadians who actually believe in government and nation-building to be contemplating big ideas - the ones that will take us the next step to equality, economic stability and environmental sustainability.

    Why? Because if we don’t try to get what we want we won’t even get what we need.

  • Review: Imagined Communities

    A review of Benedict Anderson’s classic book Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism.

  • The Hunger Games

    A long political dissection of The Hunger Games movie.

  • Youth, austerity, and the changing meaning of opportunity

    The Conservatives’ attempt to shift the meaning of opportunity for youth is evident through almost every major initiative they’ve taken since gaining power: Massive cuts to Canada’s creative industries; the raising of the OAS from age 65-67; tightening EI benefits; cutting funding to humanities and social science research – all the while doing everything in their power to gut RED TAPE for corporations. There is to be no safety net, except for Canada’s wealthiest.

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