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How Those Who Kill Can Enter Canada While Those Who Save Lives Are Barred

Is Canada Becoming A Safe Haven For War Criminals?

Canadian Politics

World renowned, award winning journalist John Pilger commented on George Galloway’s autobiography: “Galloway’s work has saved countless lives, particularly in Iraq”. This is an accurate statement about the record of the five-times elected British MP who was described by Canadian Minister for Immigration Jason Kenny as “a threat to Canada’s security” and subsequently banned from entering Canada during March of this year. Juxtaposing the blood-soaked records of George W Bush and Bill Clinton - especially in relation to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Somalia and elsewhere - with the unimpeachable record of George Galloway MP, the patent rudderless and deceptive nature of the current Canadian government and its media accomplices becomes transparent. The Canadian government evidently embraces the inane ethos: “if your going to kill, make sure you kill millions.” In other words, the tin pot tyrants like the Taliban and Saddam Hussein are to be demonized, subjected to show trials and marketed as a ‘threat’, while those who massacre and torture millions like Bush, Clinton, Rice and Cheney are to be venerated, ingratiated and granted VIP treatment if they choose to come to Canada at any time during their lucrative speaking tours.

The Canadian parliament in its history has never stood in such public execration as it does contemporarily for both its tacit and overt support for some of the worst mass murderers ever to afflict humanity. War criminals emanating from Canada’s behemoth southern neighbour are apparently welcome to spread their malicious propaganda, leaving with a hansom speaker’s fee, all for the pleasure of the wealthy few who can afford the ticket to enter the Gestapo protected venues. In the past eight weeks there have been visits by George W Bush to Calgary (hosted by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce), Condoleezza Rice to Calgary (hosted by the so called U of C School of Public Policy) and imminently George W Bush and Bill Clinton plan to descend upon Canada again, as if it were merely the fifty-first state of the U.S.A, rather than a sovereign country with its own laws and international obligations.

If Canada is indeed still a sovereign country certainly many of us are finding the boundaries opaque at best.

The most criminal and supine of all – and to whom we must channel a large portion of our anger and contempt - are the ‘mainstream’ media who invariably negate their duty and responsibility to expose the tyrants’ records and to educate the public on the democratically enshrined laws which the current minority government are perpetually glossing over (unless it serves them to do otherwise as was the case with the erudite George Galloway MP in March). The supine, docility of the press has allowed radical extremists such as Bush and Clinton to appear as misunderstood, sophisticated statesmen who had to make ‘difficult decisions’ in a ‘dangerous world’, whilst peace activists like George Galloway MP are unanimously demonized, traduced and portrayed as a ‘threat to Canadian security.’ The Globe and Mail have printed (on a daily basis) a half-page advertisement for the Bush-Clinton visit boasting their affiliation with the event alongside the infamous Bennett Jones legal firm and many other collaborationist conglomerates who seek to make Canada a safe-haven for self-confessed torturers and war criminals. Contrastingly George Galloway MP, who was banned from entering Canada because he delivered wheel chairs, medicine and much needed food supplies to the starving captives of the Gaza ghetto, was described by the National Post’s Jonathan Kay as: “Anti-Israel, Anti-American, pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah”, all of which are untrue as is evidenced by Galloway’s own statements in parliament and in his biweekly radio show in which he confutes such chimeras regularly. Galloway doesn’t support Hamas he supports Al-Fatah. Galloway recognizes Israel’s right to exist and is widely respected by many Jewish groups throughout the world. As for Hezbollah, Galloway simply expounds the truism that the political force is widely supported by the Lebanese people and that Lebanese democracy should be respected not undermined. He equally promotes bringing home the troops from the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq so that the young U.S. soldiers could be home and safe rather than at war and in danger. How ‘anti-American’ is that? Perhaps Jonathan Kay’s warped definition of being pro-American equates to supporting the inept, draft-dodging leaders who order young, impressionable men and women into illegal conflagrations? The pseudo-liberal Kay then fascistically advised that if Galloway entered Canada: “then (opponents should) have police on hand to apprehend him”.

Getting accused of supporting terrorism by a government and its bought-and-paid-for media who are prepared to roll out the red carpet for Bush (twice in eight weeks), Rice and Clinton is a bit like getting told to sit up straight by the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Bush, the self-confessed torturer and sadist, should either be barred from entering Canada as Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act allows for, or if he enters Canada, according the Lawyers Against the War: “the Attorney General of Canada must prosecute him for torture or provide consent to private prosecution”, as Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act equally allows for. The Canadian government’s recent ‘Canada’s Program on Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes: Tenth Annual Report’ had the ostensible commitment: “to deny safe haven in Canada to war criminals, that is, individuals who may have been either directly involved or complicit in the commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide.” The report concludes: “Canada has proven to be a pioneer in the development of a world-class war crimes program. Its coordinated approach and initiative in the realm of international cooperation and outreach has earned the War Crimes Program acclaim in the global community. Strong legislation reflects the Government of Canada’s determination to hold suspected perpetrators of war crimes accountable for their actions” click here for the report

The propaganda surrounding Clinton’s legacy has allowed a misperception to coagulate that he was a ‘dove’ and ‘the best U.S. president ever’. It must be acknowledged that there exists a plethora of incriminating justifications for banning Clinton from entering the country based on his own illegal rapacity. Some of these include the use of proscribed weapons of mass destruction and the deliberate destruction of Yugoslavian “hospitals and health-care centers, public housing, infrastructure vital to the well-being of civilians, refineries, warehouses, agricultural facilities, schools, roads and railways.”

George Galloway’s courageous solidarity with the Palestinian people by leading the convoy of aide to the Gaza ghetto was a self-styled method of raising awareness about unspoken Holocausts which the media obediently censor from the public domain. Galloway led a similar convoy (this time in a red London bus) to beleaguered Iraq during the 1990s when western governments, spurred on by Clinton, were punishing the Iraqi people with sanctions for having a dictator which western governments had themselves installed, funded and armed to the teeth with chemical and biological weapons. Galloway’s humanism thus warrants the kind comments opined by John Pilger that: “Galloway’s work has saved countless lives, particularly in Iraq.” As Galloway stated: “I’ve met Saddam Hussein, exactly the same number of times as Donald Rumsfeld met him. The difference is that Donald met him to sell him guns and maps the better to target those guns, and I met him to bring an end to sanctions and suffering and war” (see: Just as Galloway’s sanctions busting in Iraq was an attempt to alleviate U.S. (Clinton) imposed suffering, which killed a child every six minutes, so the recent convoy of aide was warmly received by the captives of the Gaza ghetto who are starving as a result of Israeli illegality. Thus the canards of ‘anti-Israel’, ‘pro-Hamas’ etc, disseminated by the popinjay, armchair warrior Jonathan Kay were, as to be expected, no more than squalid propaganda as is customary from the guttersnipe media outlet which he genuflects at the behest of.

The effect of Kay’s and others of his ilk’s disinformation is highly pernicious and corrosive for a young democracy like Canada’s. The truth about George Galloway was concealed and his reputation in Canada was hence besmirched which then allowed his message of peace and anti-imperialism to be diluted which (no surprises) benefits Kay’s own perceived agenda of legitimizing the aggressive warfare which Canada’s government are deeply complicit in contemporarily. As part of the same hidden agenda, Bush and Clinton’s blood soaked records are obediently concealed by the likes of Kay, and the credibly accused war criminals are being glorified rather than arrested. These hidden agendas and disinformation campaigns prevent the Canadian people from imbibing the realities of the world which has the ultimate effect of allowing the U.S. regime to continue its atrophy of democracy uninhibited.

On April 28th 2009, Professor Anthony J Hall (University of Lethbridge) courageously confronted the baneful Jonathan Kay at a speaking engagement in Montreal (click here to watch). Dr Hall asked Kay why he uses anonymous sources (such as the anonymous, peddler of propaganda ‘Blackrod’ blogger) to commit character-assassination upon respected dissenters such as former Liberal candidate Leslie Hughes who’s only real crime was that she dared to cross the invisible boundaries which Kay’s National Post, CBC, The Globe and Mail and the rest of the ‘mainstream’ media are the gate-keepers for. Dr Hall described Kay’s efforts as “questionable…shoddy journalism” and accused him of being a “radical, extremist…with access to a large audience through CanWest Global.” Whilst Professor Hall was doing all Canadians a service by challenging the National Post’s chief propagandist, an interlocutor shouted at Kay: “you are covering up for mass murder…you should go on trial for propaganda and disinformation…you should go on trial like Joseph Goebbels did.” At which point Professor Hall invoked international law and the Nuremburg Principles educating the infelicitous Jonathan Kay: “the role of the press in dehumanizing whole populations, preparing public opinion for aggressive warfare, that is what you are a part of, he (the interlocutor) is correct, you are part of the propaganda machinery of aggressive war and incidentally that is outlawed in the UN…we’ve read your columns for years…the War on Terror is based on psychological warfare…and you have been a very intricate part of that machinery of aggressive warfare.” Prof Hall also challenged Kay on his complicity in the disinformation campaign against George Galloway to which Kay replied unabashedly: “I said he was a toxic clown”, exposing the lack of intellectual rigor which one can expect from his supposed journalism.

It is clear that Canada is increasingly perceived to be a ‘safe haven’ for self-confessed tortures and war criminals who have committed what at Nuremburg - reflecting upon the unilateralism and genocidal practices of Nazism - was defined as “the ultimate war crime” of aggressive war. If the ahistorical, Goebellian normalizing of those who have committed the “ultimate war crime” perpetuates from Canada’s apologetic government and media then it is the people who will be forced to attempt citizens arrests upon those who are either self-confessed violators of international law, or are credibly accused so, as the Canadian domestic law allows for. One such attempt has already been mounted in Canada by the courageous activist Splitting the Sky who sought to break the police lines in Calgary to conduct a citizens arrest against the self-confessed criminal George W Bush on March 17th. Professor of International Law Francis A Boyle in his book Protesting Power: War Resistance and Law has advised those of us who oppose the impunity afforded to war criminals to deputize ourselves and attempt to implement Canadian law which we respect, unlike Steven Harper and Jason Kenny who have eviscerated the legal system. Splitting the Sky will embark upon a five day trial in March 2010 where, in reality, he will not be in the mindset of the accused, but rather that of the accuser, not the criminal but the interrogator. He was attempting prevent Canada from becoming a safe haven for mass murderers and self-confessed tortures and was arrested for doing so. If the police are aiding and abetting the self-confessed torturers and mass murderers are we to stand by and watch? As Pastor Niemoller regretfully opined: “In Germany, they came first for the Communists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. And then they came for the trade unionists, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. And then they came for the Jews, And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. And then they came for me and by that time there was no one left to speak up.” They came for the ‘Communists’ during the Cold War – and massacred them in their millions – now they have come for the Arabs and Muslims and massacred them in their millions, who will be next?


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