US-Russia Relations in “Most Dangerous Moment”

The real alarming danger today is “a new, multi-front Cuban missile crisis”

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While many in power recklessly escalate tensions with Russia, there is very little discussion of the geo-political significance of this aggression and the dangerous consequences people could suffer as a result. The establishment’s anti-Russian sentiment goes beyond allegations of election hacking, with the leading US intelligence officials labelling Russia as the number one existential threat to the United States. One of the foremost experts on US-Russia relations is sounding the alarm that the potential for nuclear confrontation is greater than ever before, fuelled with virtually no debate by the mass media. Dr. Stephen Cohen is one of the leading scholars on Russia. He’s Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies at Princeton and New York University and is the author of many books on the subject, including: “Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives, from Stalinism to the new Cold War,” and the forthcoming book, “Why Cold War Again? How America lost Post-Soviet Russia.”

The Department of Defense has just declared Russia as the number one existential threat facing this country. Professor, it seems so interesting that we just came from a War on Terror to now a War on Russia, despite the rise of ISIS.

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