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Trump Decapitates the Russia Peace Initiative

USA Politics

Photo by Erin A. Kirk-Cuomo

Trump folds under totalizing corporate media and war-state pressures today.  The resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn decapitates his presidency’s peace initiative with Russia after years of campaigning for it.

General Flynn is not another Trump slob. He is the most advanced military intelligence authority in the US today. He is the former Director of the US Defence Intelligence Agency with a higher budget than the CIA. He knows the Middle East and Afghanistan civil wars and terrorist operations by direct experience in combat arms, conventional, special operations and top intelligence assignments, including the senior intelligence officer for the Joint Special Operations Command.

Most importantly, Gen. Flynn is opposed to the Russia-is-the-Enemy war party that rules the US on corporate media, big money, government, and dark-state levels.

As one may tell from his face and words, Flynn is the flinty opposite of the war-monger mentality ruling Washington and Wall Street, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and so on through the neo-con and neo-liberal propagandists and spooks holding the bi-partisan establishment together in the greatest looting operation by far that the world has ever seen – the US corporate war state.

The US Corporate War State Destroys on All levels

Yet the US corporate-war state is deeper and wider than the ‘military-industrial establishment’ of legend. For it effectively controls the media, military-services, covert intelligence and advisory positions and not just military industry. And it does so towards one ruling goal – perpetual US war on the designated enemy which Eisenhower’s famous concept does not comprehend.

The US corporate war state is also more visibly institutionalized than the language of ‘deep state’ now popular on the Left denotes. It operates on every level of instituted US power with no accountability beyond itself, from US President lies to the mass murders on the ground.

The US corporate war state is very roughly what Trump ran against as presidential candidate which earned him the support of libertarian and other critical intelligentsia in America.

Hard-rock General Michael Flynn was the key to this initiative. 

He was Trump’s primary source of intelligence on alliance with Russia in the war against terrorism which Flynn knew and agreed was US permitted and made.

Now he is eliminated by the US corporate war state operating on every plane of attack within America itself and its business-military satellites like Canada next door.

None of this is reported in official society. Only what is falsely used against Flynn’s position of knowledge by acquaintance is reported. This is the modus operandi of the Beast. Flynn was not rogue but only rational on Russia and the war against terrorism. He led thinking at the front of the US ‘intelligence community’ in his insistence that Russia should be an ally not an enemy to eliminate the terrorist threat featuring ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and other mutating names and outfits.

He knew that all were orchestrated by covert US direction.

I saw Flynn speak directly only once on an RT program now scrubbed from the Google search engine. The moment of his elimination has been long prepared down to the internet erasure of his advanced position on Russia.

What stood out was Flynn’s very reasonable and dialogical commitment to protect the US and the civilian world against the territory-holding terrorism rampaging around Syria, Iraq, the Middle East in general and Afghanistan.

General Flynn emphasized the very real and sophisticated ‘Islamic’ terrorist apparatus was out of control. He opposed all the Russia-and-Putin bashing instead of intelligent cooperation with Russia in defeating ISIS. He knew that this all stood in the way of achieving the goal the Obama administration claimed.

When the British interviewer of General Flynn kept suggesting that the US was in fact itself the dark sponsor of the many-faced Jihadi terrorism, Flynn tacitly accepted the fact and moved onto stopping it – just what he was about to lead on before he was eliminated today.

The pervasive operations of the US corporate war state show mordant touches of absolute power ruling absolutely even against a presidential vote.

It is the Valentine’s Day massacre of the knowing man in the President’s circle. Take out this intelligence behind him, and what is left? Nothing that knows what it is doing or can make military peace with Russia to eliminate the global terrorists crossing borders everywhere to sow chaos and fear ready to bow to the US-led global corporate war state.

The billionaire front man is untouchable by the same code of absolute US money power raping the living world as its freedom.

The Cover Up Already Achieved

All we are likely to see now after the elimination of the Flynn brains behind Trump is post-mortem rubbish justifying accusations of his being in league with the Russians.  We will come to know he was increasingly ostracized and baited as ‘loving the Russians’. All will be rationalized as inevitable by the commercial mass media and the established ‘intelligence community’. All attacks with no ground in law will be continued.

The rising complete frenzy of the permanent-war establishment on Trump’s only wise choice of primary adviser will be discharged with glee over the days to come.

The war-mascot McCain and company will glow. The now published elimination of the heretic against war on Russia will be triumphally celebrated. No evidence reporting Flynn’s real position will ever be allowed into any level of public meaning.

What is most revealing is that former Defense Intelligence Director Michael Flynn’s actions in engagement with Russia Today TV and officials in the Russian government were completely manufactured into threat to the US by the corporate media and establishment operatives. There is no fault under law even alleged.

Everything General Flynn did with Russia media and officials was perfectly legal under US and international law. Nothing unlawful of any sort whatever was planned, or ever charged throughout the entire McCarthyite witch-hunt on him.

But all is now suddenly completed in Flynn’s destruction as National Security Advisor with all corporate media cheering it on. Making peace with Russia to end global terrorism is the anathema that cannot be tolerated in the US and EU corporate states and satellites. It calls into question the transnational Big Game of Blood and Treasure they are ruled by as their ‘freedom’.

Amnesia Rules

What is perhaps most alarming is the complete amnesia of the US corporate media, war state functionaries and the whole gang of Ronald Reagan’s totally heinous precedents of enemy dealings in the Iran-US Hostages-Weapons-Drugs-Contra deals which brought him the Presidency against Jimmy Carter and later launched his war-criminal counter-revolution against tiny Nicaragua’s liberation as a “clear and present danger to the United States of America”. All of this is erased from the ruling group-mind and its creatures.

Perhaps there is an upside. Perhaps Trump, a Reagan wannabe, has now sufficiently betrayed his country, international peace, working people and humanity’s common life interests to be treated better by the US corporate war state and media he boasted he would bring to heel.

Now as always, the mass media feed on visual spectacle and inane speculations which never come to the truth or real forces at work, but only market the products they mass sell including Trump’s market logo.

The Untold Costs of Destroying US-Russia Alliance against Fascist World Terror

No-one yet seems to notice the fateful collapse of the most promising initiative since FDR for US peace and cooperation with Russia.

This is predictable. Russia-the-Enemy is the cornerstone of US foreign policy throughout the post-FDR years for a monstrously lucrative reason. Without the manufactured enemy of Russia, the trillions of public dollars going to the endless pork-barrel profits of the US corporate war state could not be justified. The non-stop US threat and dark-state destabilizations would be at a greater risk of public detection than ever before.

This was why it was so crucial that a new Enemy be formed as the USSR collapsed in 1991. It was Saddam Hussein in Iraq next to Russia that filled the bill, and the endless bombing to destroy its socialized infrastructures and others ever since followed as necessary to “humanitarian intervention” and “the security of the Free World”.

The new seas of oil in Iraq came into sight for plunder just as the Russia ‘evil empire’ was going down and a new enemy had to be produced again and again till now. This nice open door to ever more US-led corporate looting of socialized economies while Russia was safely in the hands of a corrupt US-installed drunk to privatize everything in sight for liquid assets abroad might have gone on for decades after 1991. But a new Enemy stopped the advancing US-led social ruin and plunder.

Russia elected a very popular and very smart leader of Russia after its Fall. This situation is reduced to the Enemy called “Putin” who is evil by definition. He is the new pretext which must, as always, be manufactured to hoodwink the public into supporting the US war machine for guaranteed rich profits to big American corporations, while simultaneously prying open resources for transnational corporate free-booting across the world with “no obstacles to free movement of capital and commodities across borders.”

There has been no real threat to America since the CIA was formed in 1947 except what is constructed to justify more US spending on war making and threats far exceeding the rest of the world put together. Peace with Russia would end this fabulous booty game with no end of private profits for the US few.

This is why an independent Russia is predictably warred ad hominem against Putin. He is the Evil One now. For he stands effectively against full spectrum US-corporate control of the world for 1% profit which is spreading ever further East through the former USSR – the real “Asia pivot” in motion now. For the US presidency to make friends with Russia risks everything so long in play.

The US corporate war-state control of the world’s wealth would be re-set to neutral. Cooperation with Russia would take away the pretexts for war and resource control moving East from Ukraine and Israel to Afghanistan to the encirclement if China.

There would be no long-conditioned hate of Russia to propel more imperial wars for ever more riches for the US richest. Even global terrorism by Islamic jihadis and ISIS would be eliminated by such cooperation, as DIA Director Michael Flynn knew when he was appointed National Security Adviser.

So who, if General Flynn is directing, can the Enemy be to justify the US wars East if he is allowed to guide the US President? Iran is not enough. Flynn must be destroyed as NSA.

And so he is, with no evident notice of the fatal meaning for the future of the world.

Yet what about Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who has a working relationship with Russia and Putin? He is only interested in the great oil-and-gas fields of Russia in his long-term job as CEO of Exxon, the world’s most powerful oil company and profit-maximizer before all else. He will continue as such, but with greater power to squeeze Russia as US Secretary of State.

Then what about China as the designated Enemy of US instead of Russia?

War on China is already in preparation with a US-led military noose around it in warship and bomber capacities with nearby allied states and armed forces under US control. But in fact China’s increasingly well-armed and huge army cannot be warred against successfully today. Moreover, it is already into the global corporate market with ever less social control of the rich, the only ‘free world’ the US supports.

The Fatal Valentine’s Day None Notices

On the day NSA Flynn’s firing is announced, February 14, 2017, the return to normality of war relations with Russia is happily greeted if noticed. It is passed over by the usual corporate media distractions. The peace offensive with Russia guided by General Michael Flynn has been terminated with him, and no-one seen in public regrets the return of the Cold War.

The blood on the floor is drowned out by the news of the assassination of Kim Jon-Un’s half brother, another Enemy story returned to the front burner. The White House meeting with the charismatic PM Trudeau of Canada the day before, the biggest story in Canada and objectively the US, is completely silenced in the US media to finish the elimination of NSA Flynn.

Ever more strutting by Republicans claiming concern about ‘America’s protection’, Congressional investigations going into high gear, the media wondering about the dark motives of the sacrificial Flynn, all together distract all attention.

The historic international US peace initiative with Russia led by NSA Flynn is erased from the record, and the meaning is reversed into dark Kremlin machinations.

One sees nearly 70 years of the Enemy-as-Russia reborn in the new US presidency so long promising the opposite. One sees the old pretext for US corporate-war-state pillage of the public purse and the life-world returning fully armed. All is incarnated in the dream-like sequence of cameras and talking about everything but the real meaning.

No-one says so. But the killing of the NSA appointment of Intelligence-General Flynn who knows the score on the ground is disastrous. It stops any way beyond the US corporate war state pumping over two billion dollars a day out of the US public Treasury. Peace with Russia is decapitated at its primary source. The global cancer system of perpetual war and hollowing out of life support systems across the world continues with no detection or remission.

But it is Valentine’s Day for the people. These are not coincidences, but morbid jokes on everybody who thinks they can do anything about it. Recall “9-11” as the day of the world emergency call – attack on the US by the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings in New York. It had a ready-made cover story that violated the laws of physics, but was immediately blamed on the new designated enemy before any evidence was in.

Recall too 30 years earlier the mysteriously re-routed Korean Airways Flight .007 being shot down over Russian airspace to blame the Soviet Union for an inhuman act of war on innocent lives of other peoples.

There is a sick impunity and swagger to the mass-murderous lies, as with the Nazi regime with which the US industrial and banking complex collaborated and US-NATO intelligence drew 70% of their data (from the US Fort Hunt Treaty with the Nazi generals to use against Russia after the war with Germany was officially over). Here too Russia’s fathomless natural resources were the target and cultural genocide the method. We are dealing with a very deep and long pathological trend.

Yet the diabolical stories of the Enemy to justify US-led war-criminal aggressions for diminishing natural wealth and armed-market control never end. No publicly funded attack by America on any perceived threat occurs without a false cover story for it, now focused on taking Ukraine-Russia piece by piece with NATO as cover and allies as vassals.

The US-led eco-genocides of Iraq, Libya and Syria with immense natural and strategic resources under national public control had one thing in common across their US-led military devastations. All of them followed US-led corporate media and dark-state fabrication of pretext stories, and all local peoples lost their rich resources and social infrastructures as well as their peaceful lives.

Dispossessing Russia to enrich the US-led alliance of plunder as peace is kept of sight. The facts are unspeakable in the Western press. After the US-led neo-Nazi violent coup in Ukraine has succeeded in blaming Putin and Russia for defending against US-NATO roll further into Russia heartland, and after the elimination of the NSA Flynn who led peace with Russia to end the ISIL mass-murder and enslavement machine, the US state still leads the eco-genocidal pattern, with the egomaniac Trump losing his nerve under the pressures of the ruling money-war party controlling the corporate media and a bipartisan bought Congress.

The history of the US since 1945 is punctuated by all-points propaganda campaigns to justify the wars following from them. Is it happening again after all the brave Trump talk of setting a new course away from the disastrous foreign wars and global trade treaties oppressing the people?

The effective assassination of the peacemaker with Russia, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, after a totalizing McCarthyite smear with no legal reason is a dark turn of world affairs. Russia with a far smaller population than Brazil, a poor majority, and ground down by the never-ceasing US-orchestrated attacks is not a threat to anyone but its invaders, who are already bombing Russia-speaking Ukraine once Russia’s province.

Brazil itself has had its social democratic government overthrown by Wall-Street led machinations.

The uprising Trump movement against Washington wars has now been decapitated in its most significant advance towards an end to global terrorism by international peace with Russia.

Intelligent cooperation of civil society across borders against mindless mass killing and endless borderless private profit from it has been reversed by the money-war party running the US and now the Trump White House too.

The least we can do is know it.

Prof. John McMurtry is the author of The Cancer Stage of Capitalism/ From Crisis to Cure.

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