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The movement against Stephen Harper

Canadian Politics

Photo by M. Rehemtulla

The movement to bring down the Harper government goes well beyond the opposition political parties. Canadians horrified by the authoritarian market fundamentalism of the Conservatives are trying in a number of ways to expand democracy to overcome the authoritarian grip that the Harperites hold on our national politics. Here is a compendium of a few such efforts and contact information.


is an issue-oriented national campaign with a youthful staff and volunteers aimed to combat the Harper government issue by issue.


is a campaign aimed at exposing and stamping out the dirty tricks tactics of the Conservative campaign.


is a strategic voting initiative and fair proportional elections to build a bloc of progressive voters rooted in civil society to defeat the Conservatives in the upcoming election.


Brigette DePape (aka ‘the rogue page’) is running a campaign to get 10,000 young millennial voters out to make a difference in bringing down Conservative candidates. She is working through the Council of Canadians.


is dedicated to doing just that.


is a Facebook-based site dedicated to stopping the Harper government.


is a Kitchener/Waterloo-based Alternatives environmental magazine attacking Harper on his environmental record.

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A protest song against the Conservative government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, “Harperman” is written and performed by Ottawa folksinger Tony Turner.

Recorded in a live session on 12 June 2015, Tony Turner earlier won the songwriting contest held in March at the Ottawa 2015 Grassroots Festival, for this song, “Harperman”. Tony then performed “Harperman” at the Mayday, May 1st, 2015 Gil’s Hootenanny, Songs of Protest and Hope concert.

This recording was made 6 weeks afterwards, in mid-June.

This recording session features Tony Turner on guitar and lead vocal, and Ann Downey on upright bass. Thanks to impressario Chris White for organizing this impromptu choir, the Crowd of Well Wishers, on short notice.

Sound recording is by Jason Sonier, video recording by Andrew Hall and Matthew Hall. Video and sound mixing by Andrew Hall, who produced this live recording.


Friends of Canadian Broadcasting on the Conservative assault produced a hilarious but scary ad that the CBC refused to air.


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