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No Thanks Stephen Harper

A Thanksgiving rant

Canadian Politics

Photo by Remy Steinegger .

No thanks for your neoliberal repressive policies.

No thanks for your ignorant and inhumane “get tough on crime” laws that will build 2700 more overcrowded, violent cells, 5 more ‘medium security’ prisons when national crime rates have gone down during the last 10 years.

No thanks for your racist, xenophobic, mean-spirited immigration laws that criminalize economic and political refugees including children that unjustly deny refugees essential medical treatment and health care.

No thanks for your genocidal policies that perpetuate Canada’s 500-year war of systemic poverty, starvation, diabetes, drug addiction and death suffered by the First Nations, Kanada’s original founding people (your parliamentary apology was a cruel sham).

No thanks for refusing to sign the Kelowna Accord that would have helped First Nations reserves.

No thanks Stephen Harper for cutting and deceitfully mislabeling unemployment insurance ‘employment insurance’ forcing millions of workers to survive on unliveable wages, underfunded or no pensions.

No thanks for ordering six Canadian fighter jets, a spy plane and “non-combat advisors” in Iraq to combat more ISIS beheading, more rapes, more mass murders, more ethnic cleansing.

No thanks for your token gestures against “terrorist” crimes, more political election ploys

No thanks for signing the European ‘free trade deal’ authorizing corporations to sue governments.

No thanks for refusing to sign the Kyoto Accord that sets target dates to reduce carbon emissions and global warming which you irrationally deny

No thanks Stephen Harper for promoting the ‘dirty oil’ tar sands in Alberta and oil pipelines that threaten the land and lives of Aboriginal people and habitats of hundreds of endangered species of wildlife in Canada.

No thanks for supporting the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health and Mental Health Commission of Canada that perpetuate and promote the myth and stigma of “mental illness”, fraudulent psychiatric diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), “safe and effective treatment”, forced drugging, electroshock, the sham of “informed consent”, involuntary committal (psychiatric incarceration without trial/preventive detention), and other human rights violations.

No thanks for committing crimes of corruption, deception, secrecy, for enforcing undemocratic and inhumane policies that endanger all of us in Canada and Planet Earth

I give thanks for your immanent defeat, which can’t happen fast enough!


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