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Dear Canadian Dimension Subscriber,

We’re writing to let you know that Canadian Dimension has unfortunately had to reduce its publishing schedule this year due to unexpected financial difficulties and problems arising from illness and staff changes.

In an effort to contend with these tribulations, we made a decision to cancel the July/August issue and concentrate our efforts on publishing the Harper Demolition issue currently on the newsstands. We are proud of this new issue that constitutes both CD’s intervention in the debate around the 2015 election and a hard-hitting analysis of the many reactionary and damaging policies and practices of the Harper government.

We are now working hard to bring the situation at CD under control and get the magazine back on track. We have undertaken an internal reorganization and review to consider how best to sustain the magazine in the future, and while we aren’t able to publish the November-December issue, we are committed to producing the regularly scheduled January-February issue, which will focus on the topic of racism, a timely theme, particularly in the wake of the demagogic use made during the recent election campaign of the vestimentary practices of a small minority of Muslim women in Canada.

We are asking you, our friends and subscribers, to bear with us during this challenging time. We were heartened by a note we received this month from a subscriber and we hope you share his opinion that: “Canadian Dimension is so far above the current standard level of “journalism”, that there is simply no comparison….Only a handful of periodicals or other news outlets are in this league. Z Magazine, CounterPunch, New Internationalist, Global Research and Trends Journal are the only ones I have ever found, anywhere, that compare to CD.”

With that kind of encouragement we’re confident we can turn things around in fairly short order and continue to produce the alternative news, views, and critical analysis that progressive readers depend on and appreciate.

Of course, we deeply regret the interruption of your scheduled issues and we will keep you posted on any changes that may affect your subscription in the future. We are counting on your patience and understanding. And for those of you who are in a position to contribute a little financially to help CD get back into stride, we would be truly grateful. You can send any donations to:

The CD steering committee
Cy Gonick, Andrea Levy, Peter Wheeland, Paul Graham, Sean Carleton, David Bush



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