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350 Responds to Canada’s G7 Commitments


Photo by Pete Souza

Press Release

Following the G7 meeting in which Canada joined other major polluters in committing to phase out fossil fuels by the end of the century, spokesman Cameron Fenton issued the following response:

“Setting a deadline 85 years from now to stop burning fossil fuels may be politically safe, but it completely ignores the science that says we need to leave the vast majority of coal, oil, and gas underground in order to avert catastrophic climate change. Time is of the essence, and every day is crucial as we work to wean our society off carbon-intensive fuels on to renewable energy. That’s why we’re past giving out brownie points to leaders who acknowledge climate change is happening with empty and half-hearted rhetoric. If the Harper administration were serious about tackling the problem, its goals and policies would reflect the urgency of this crisis instead of kicking the can down the road to a world that’s 5 degrees warmer.”

Our movement isn’t leaving this to the whims of Stephen Harper and other G7 leaders— which is why this July, we’re bringing together thousands of people across the country to demand more from those in power, and show that people in Canada want a swift and just transition away from fossil fuels and onto renewable energy.


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