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  • Obama’s War in our Hemisphere

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Obama’s charge that Venezuela represents a threat to US foreign policy is an accusation directed at all governments who have freely chosen to abandon US-centred organizations and who reject US hegemony.

  • Idleness, the enemy of progress

    For the better part of three decades, Andre Vltchek has dedicated his career to exposing injustice. As a filmmaker, journalist, documentarian and poet, the 52 year-old has covered dozens of war zones, lived on nearly every continent and steeped himself in the various regions, cultures and customs he inhabits and suffuses with his identity.

  • The United States and Venezuela: Decades of Defeats and Destabilization

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    US policy toward Venezuela is a microcosm of its larger strategy toward Latin America. The intent is to reverse the region’s independent foreign policy and to restore US dominance; to curtail the diversification of trading and investment partners and re-centre economic relations to the US.

  • ISIS 101

    Middle East

    Judging by what ISIS actually does and whom its acts benefit, its clandestine associates, and the testimony of some witnesses, ISIS is a complex intelligence operation. Its complexity reflects at least in part the fact that it serves the interests of several countries and that it has more than one objective.

  • Sanctions Imposed on the U.S.?

    USA Politics

    The world is not a chessboard, Mr. Obama. But what you are playing is not even chess. It is dirty; an extremely dirty game, which should be stopped by all means.

  • Killing Ragheads for Jesus

    USA Politics

    “American Sniper” caters to a deep sickness rippling through our society. It holds up the dangerous belief that we can recover our equilibrium and our lost glory by embracing an American fascism.

  • Frack the EU! Washington’s Frozen War Against Russia


    For over a year, the United States has played out a scenario designed to (1) reassert U.S. control over Europe by blocking E.U. trade with Russia, (2) bankrupt Russia, and (3) get rid of Vladimir Putin and replace him with an American puppet, like the late drunk, Boris Yeltsin.

  • The Leading Terrorist State

    USA Politics

    President Obama should call our country’s history of supporting insurgents abroad for what it is: U.S.-backed terrorism.

  • Ukraine and Neo-Nazis


    Ever since serious protest broke out in Ukraine in February the Western mainstream media, particularly in the United States, has seriously downplayed the fact that the usual suspects have been on the same side as the neo-Nazis.

  • Legal Imperialism and International Law

    Law is not simply part of the superstructure “reflecting” the power of economic or political institutions: it also guides and directs political and economic institutions, committing material resources to implement imperial doctrines.

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