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  • Community Unionism


    Although they are still a new model, Unifor’s community chapters have a lot of potential. The premise: given the changing nature of work in Canada, how should the nature of organizing match up?

  • Beyond the Economic Crisis: The Crisis In Trade Unionism

    Discussions on the left about the economy might be summarized as warning that things are going to get a lot worse before they get…worse. This is not just a matter of the sustained attacks on the labour movement but as much a reflection of the crisis within labour.

  • Harper stokes resentments in discreet class war

    The willingness of much of the Canadian media to go along with the Conservative narrative about Stephen Harper’s “moderation” has allowed the prime minister to wage a discreet class war against working people without attracting too much attention.

  • The Assault on Public Services


    Today, the message is that if you don’t like the way things are, tough — you have no alternative. The real lesson of course is that if the present economic system can’t offer us a better life, then it is that system, not our expectations that needs changing.

  • Organized Labour and the Occupations Movement

    As the small encampment in lower Manhattan has swelled and spread to cities across the country, the rallying cry of the “99%” has at least momentarily introduced the mainstream discourse to a conception of class, which is usually missing from the political theater showcased on corporate news outlets.

  • Precarious Labour

    There will be no return to the days when full-time permanent jobs were the norm for many working people. Non-standard employment is the working arrangement of choice for employers eyeing their bottom lines.

  • Puebla workers at Johnson Controls sign first collective bargaining agreement

    A long and dramatic struggle at the Johnson Controls Interiors (JCI) factory in Puebla, Mexico, has finally resulted in the expulsion of a sham “protection union” and the signing of a real collective bargaining agreement with Mexico’s mineworkers’ union (SNTMMSSRM or Los Mineros).

  • Wisconsin Death Letter Blues


    The real story from Wisconsin is the elephant in the living room none want to acknowledge, namely, the cuts that humbled union production workers in the 1980s are now moving up the ladder to include the last bastion of union held territory.

  • Review: Unions, Equity and the Path to Renewal

    Unions face serious problems in the twenty-first century, including a major participatory and democratic deficit. How should we address these problems in order to “renew” unions?

  • Toronto Labour Council Organizes Stewards’ Assembly


    In an environment where working people in Ontario have suffered major setbacks, organized labour’s response has so far been disappointing. The May 7th coming together of over 1,600 stewards, workplace representatives, staff, and other union reps in Toronto around the necessity of fighting against attacks by employers and governments was an unprecedented and impressive exception that brought some hope for forward motion.

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