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  • Dining Out in Dinkytown


    If you are in Minneapolis, after a hard day’s night, the place to go for a morning pick-me-up is Al’s Breakfast. Or so I was informed. Being in the Twin Cities in mid-July, I made my way to the legendary AM eatery, located in the heart of Dinkytown, the neighbourhood adjacent to the University of Minnesota where Al’s is located.

  • Quiet streets, emboldened hearts


    With the right to protest in Montreal severely limited, and the fact that tuition fees are still on the rise, the efforts of last year’s student strike might seem to have been in vain. Certainly, an uneasy feeling of calm and tranquility has returned to Montreal’s streets, quite a contrast from last year’s nightly and often confrontational demonstrations. But like with legacy of any major mass movement, the outcome of the student strike might be too early to describe, even one year later.

  • ‘Quebec education summit – a public relations operation’

    Following a meeting with Quebec premier Pauline Marois, the ASSÉ, the militant wing of the Quebec student movement, announced February 13 that it will boycott the Summit on post-secondary education that the Parti québécois government is holding later this month.

  • Whither the Quebec left and student movement after the ‘Maple Spring’?

    ‘The movement launched some seismic waves, their full impact yet unclear’

  • Quebec student leader convicted in outrageous political trial

    Quebec student leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was convicted November 1 of contempt of court for publicly criticizing a court injunction issued during last spring’s student strike. The injunction ordered the strikers to allow dissident students who opposed the strike to attend classes.

  • The Québec Spring and the Ambiguous Role of Québec’s Union Movement


    The strength and determination of Québec’s student movement against tuition fee hikes can only be accounted for by a number of factors that have contributed to radicalizing the protest and politicizing the conflict.

  • Québec Students Teach the World a Lesson

    At the beginning of May , the British newspaper The Guardian reported that the student struggle against tuition fee hikes in Québec represented “the most powerful challenge to neoliberalism on the continent.”

  • Major victory for Quebec students, environmental activists

    Their demonstrations have shaken Quebec in recent months, and yesterday students and environmentalists won major victories.

  • Chicago Teachers Prepare to Strike on Friday

    For a city once famous for its organized labour movements in the nineteenth and earlier twentieth centuries, the first Chicago Teacher’s Union strike since 1987 could reignite the labour movement in Chicago.

  • Québec: From Student Strike to Social Upsurge

    By passing Bill 78, a law designed to curb freedom of assembly and the right to strike, Premier Jean Charest expected to quell the three-month-old Québec student strike against tuition fee hikes. But this authoritarian gambit only galvanized the student movement and summoned a wave of support which transformed the student strike into a popular protest against austerity policies.

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