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  • Socialism Will Continue in Cuba


    The unshakable faith in victory that Fidel instilled in all of us shall continue to lead our people in the defense and further improvement of the work of its Revolution.

  • Why We Need Professional Revolutionists

    Social Movements

    The revolutionist is a curious hybrid of the practical and the impractical. He or she is aware of facing nearly impossible odds. The revolutionist has at once a lucid understanding of power, along with the vagaries of human nature, and a commitment to overthrowing power.

  • Lac-Mégantic: A Social and Ecological Tragedy

    Québec has just experienced the most brutal ecological catastrophe of its history. On July 6, 2013, a train loaded with 72 cars carrying crude oil derailed during the night. It exploded in downtown Lac-Mégantic, a small municipality (pop. 6000) in the Eastern Townships. A series of explosions and a fire completely destroyed more than 30 buildings including the municipal library, the town’s archives, heritage buildings, businesses and residences. Police have confirmed that 50 people were killed by the blast.

  • Beware the Lies of March—What Shakespeare tells us about Hugo Chávez

    I come to bury Chávez, not to praise him. Barak Obama says he was authoritarian. And the President is an honourable man. John Graham, former ambassador to Venezuela says he couldn’t manage his own economy. And he is an honourable man. Stephen Harper says he was undemocratic. And he is a Right Honourable man. So are they all, all honourable men.

  • Ron Hawkins—Reflecting on Rock’n’Roll Politics


    Adam Davidson-Harden talked with the talented Toronto-based musician and artist Ron Hawkins in Toronto. You can read Ron’s bio and find out about his solo music and that of his earlier bands Lowest of the Low and Ron Hawkins and the Rusty Nails at His latest solo album is Straitjacket Love, released in May 2011. Hawkins’s new project, The Do Good Assassins, released their first record, Rome, earlier in 2012

  • Beyond the President Chávez Electoral Victory

    The successful re-election of President Chávez by a resounding 10% margin winning 20 of the 22 states, with a massive 80% turnout provides his government with a clear and decisive mandate to set the political and economic course of the country over the next six years.

  • Class Struggle in Present Day Globalized Capitalism

    An examination of the social science scholarship over the past 60 years reveals few, if any, publications discussing ‘the class struggle’ in anything but theoretical expositions.

  • Conversing with Jack Layton

    The November 2003 issue of Canadian Dimension featured this extensive interview with Jack Layton shortly after he was elected leader of the NDP.

  • Chavez’s Right Turn: State Realism versus International Solidarity

    The close on-going collaboration between a leftist President with a regime with a notorious history of human rights violations, torture and disappearance of political prisoners has led to widespread protests among civil liberty advocates, leftists and populists throughout Latin America and Europe, while pleasing the Euro-American imperial establishment.

  • Web Exclusive: Leaked Cuba memo to raise eyebrows

    A recently retired military intelligence officer submitted this memo to his former commander (Southcom)–copies to other appropriate agencies. Obama Administration officials ignored it. “Cuba is not on our agenda,” one said. One official surreptitiously mailed us a copy, which we share.

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