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  • KC Adams: Perception, imagery and the fragility of prejudice


    Perception demonstrates the malleability of attitudes and the fragility of stigma. Its use of photographs, a medium central to our understanding of human faces and identity, serves an emotional and cognitive purpose: it allows one to transcend the shell of appearance and grasp the essence of others.

  • Racism and Anti-Racism in Canadian Sport: An Interview with Dr. Janelle Joseph

    Strengthening the anti-racism struggle both in and out of sport will facilitate the creation of a more ‘level’ playing field. Just as there are many examples of racism from individuals, institutions, and media sources, there are also many examples of resistance to racism in online commentary and news reporting.

  • Idle No More Visits The Sun

    You have to give Ezra Levant full marks for chutzpah. A week or so ago he met a hundred Idle No More protestors at the door of the Toronto Sun.

  • Reena Virk: Critical Perspectives on a Canadian Murder

    One Brown girl. Two killers with white privilege. Seven attackers. Twenty onlookers. This is the Reena Virk case.

  • 2011: Reflecting on Social Movement Successes in Canada

    Working through and across differences–while maintaining the diversity of an inter-generational anti-oppression and radical politics–has strengthened the terrain for inclusive, participatory, and revolutionary struggle in Canada for the upcoming year.

  • Race, Civility, and a Good Cup of Tea

    Web Exclusive

    Despite decries of violence as “mindless vigilantism,” and self-aggrandizing volunteer clean-up squads, the London riots convey important ideas about race, civility, and the concept of the “political” in western liberal democracy.

  • Random notes on television comedy

    On July 29, an article titled “Curb Your Racism” appeared on the widely read Mondoweiss, a blog devoted to “the war of ideas in the Middle East”. Written by Eleanor Kilroy, it expressed dismay at the most recent “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode on HBO.

  • European and US Working Class Politics: Right, Left and Neutered

    The deepening economic crises in Europe and the United States are provoking contrasting socio-political responses from the working and middle classes.

  • Web Review: True Grit

    Call me incorrigibly dogmatic and a “politically correct” bore, but I just can’t get on the bandwagon for the Coen brothers’ “True Grit”. I confess that I was prejudiced from the start, having had an extreme reaction against the original “True Grit” that starred Vietnam War hawk John Wayne in 1969.

  • Web Exclusive: Is a Luo Tribesman of the 1950s the Real Governor of the Obama White House?

    The forces of the conservative revolution are becoming increasingly fragmented, disoriented and acrimonious. So outrageous is the racial stereotyping becoming in even core elements of the US Republican Party that David Frum, heretofore unheralded as a voice of moderation, is intervening dramatically in an effort to turn back the tide of conservative extremism.

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