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  • Death of a Candidacy

    Canadian Politics

    Morgan is a good advocate for challenging the apolitical apathy in youth culture which is so detrimental to NDP fortunes. So why did the party throw their candidate for Kings Hants under the bus with the 2015 campaign just a few days old?

  • The “N” in NDP Now Stands for Neoliberal

    Canadian Politics

    This past week may come to be seen as a watershed moment in the NDP’s capitulation to neoliberal capitalism. The nominally social democratic party effectively supported a major corporate trade accord all the while opposing an IMF call for a more progressive tax code.

  • ‘Heightened scrutiny’ of Mulcair should include foreign policy

    Canadian Politics

    The irony is that if Ibbitson and Maclean’s had been paying even fleeting attention, they would have noticed that many New Democrats concluded long ago that Muclair is a lassiez-faire social democrat with a cosmetic allegiance to core NDP values, particularly on foreign policy issues.

  • Alberta’s Orange Crush

    Canadian Politics

    Alberta remains a deeply conservative province dominated by powerful oil and gas companies, and the NDP’s neoliberal record in other provinces raises questions about its willingness to follow through on its election platform’s progressive demands.

  • Alberta: A Perfect Political Storm

    Canadian Politics

    Notley’s first and most important task is to show that she, the Premier of Alberta, and her government and party, reflecting the democratic will of the people, rule the province. It will be a tough battle. The oil and gas industry prides itself on never losing political power in Alberta.

  • Petition to Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair

    Canadian Politics

    We, the undersigned, applaud Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair for advocating a national childcare plan, a $15/hour minimum wage, and for opposing repressive Bill C-51 and the extension of the bombing of Iraq, and into Syria.

  • Which will the NDP put first: party or country?

    Canadian Politics

    Anyone who really wants to get the country back from the grim reaper now in charge of Canada – and who knows our political history – would look to the NDP as their best hope. They are the only party that is not completely in the pocket of big business and the political elite and that also has a chance of making a difference in Parliament.

  • 2015: Beyond “Anything But Conservative”

    Canadian Politics

    Without a perspective geared towards revitalizing the organizing capacity of the broader working class, any new political organization launched will be doomed to succumb to abstract debates over program and theory.

  • Can the NDP challenge Harper on the economy?

    Canadian Politics

    The NDP’s announcement that it will push for a national minimum wage if elected is good news and suggests that the party may finally be overcoming its decades-long aversion to engaging its Liberal and Conservative adversaries on the question of the economy.

  • Working Class Politics After the NDP

    The issue that we can’t ignore this Labour Day is the disorientation in our movement’s politics. List the issues working people are most concerned about today and two things especially stand out. First, how fundamental the actions of the Canadian state are to what is most important to us. Second, how distressingly unable we have been to influence those actions.

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