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  • The Palestinian Enclaves Struggle: An Interview with Ilan Pappé

    Middle East

    Professor Ilan Pappé is the director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter, UK. He is the author of fifteen books, among them The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. His newest book, written together with Noam Chomsky, is called On Palestine.

  • Nothing is Right in the Middle East

    Middle East

    People are dying; people are displaced, discriminated against. There is no justice, no social justice for the majority, the same scenario like in Indonesia, like in sub-Continent, like in East Africa, like everywhere where the Western imperialism and neoliberalism managed to have their way.

  • Capitalists, Technocrats and Fanatics: The Ascent of a New Power Bloc

    The far-right is no longer at the margins of western political discourse. It is center-stage.The sweeping electoral victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in India is the latest expression of the world-wide advance of a new power bloc which promises to impose a New World Order harnessing ethno-religious fanaticism and narrowly trained technocrats to capitalist absolutism.

  • Listen to Chomsky’s Montréal discussion period

    Listen to the discussion period from Noam Chomsky’s Montréal lecture in Oct. 2013, a discussion that touches upon the reality of growing police repression in Montréal under the municipal law P-6 that bans free protest, to a clear denunciation of the pending Quebec secularist charter.

  • Where’s my friend?

    Walid was taken into custody and transported in the bone-chilling cold of the night to Israel’s Ofer Military Detention Center where hundreds of Palestinians are detained, the vast majority with absolutely no knowledge of why. Help me get Walid back to his family and his desk so we can get back to the work of improving the Palestinian health care system.

  • The Second Wind of the Worldwide Social Justice Movement

    We have to think of the world struggle as a long race, in which the runners have to use their energy wisely, in order not to become exhausted while always keeping their eye on the end goal–a different kind of world-system, far more democratic, far more egalitarian than anything we have now.

  • Thomas Mulcair—Israel, Right or Wrong

    Thomas Mulcair is well known in Quebec. But except for readers of pro-Israel newspapers like the Canadian Jewish News and the Jewish Tribune, people in Quebec and English Canada are not familiar with his unquestioning support for Israel.

  • The Obama Doctrine: Making a Virtue of Necessity

    After nearly 3 years in deep pursuit of the colonial wars initiated by ex-President Bush, the Obama regime has finally recognized the catastrophic domestic and foreign consequences. As a result the “reality principle” has taken hold; the maintenance of the US Empire requires modification of tactics and strategies, to cut political, military and diplomatic losses.

  • Afghanistan calling!

    Ten plus years ago, the United States (oops, NATO) invaded Afghanistan and quickly won the war against the militarily (technologically) inferior Taliban government. Washington and allies followed their victory by quickly losing the occupation challenge. As W. Bush and allies invaded Iraq, the Taliban crept back from Pakistan and undid the U.S. war victory.

  • Salvaging September: The Palestinian Statehood Initiative at the UN

    The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) has been one of the leading critical Israeli peace and human rights organizations struggling for Palestinian rights during its more than 14 years of existence

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