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  • Western Propaganda for a New Cold War


    It is alarming to see the constant drumbeat in Western media that Russia is “aggressive,” that Russia “invaded” Crimea, Russia is “a threat.” Hardly a day goes by that The New York Times does not have an editorial or news story with the assertion or insinuation that Russia is “aggressive”.

  • “We the North” and the “Marketing of Blackness”


    To paraphrase legendary comedian Paul Mooney, “everybody wanna be black, but nobody wants to be black.”

  • Digital Disconnect How Capitalism Is Turning the Internet Against Democracy

    Digital Disconnect seeks to strip away this benign patina by challenging the notion that the internet is fundamentally apolitical.

  • Reviving Alternative Media in an Age of Precarity

    It’s been left unsaid for a while, but some of the trends that characterize work in the mainstream media have proliferated in Left media where a large amount of work is done for little or no wages.

  • Huge Chavez confronts (neo) liberal democracy

    At the root of this disgust with Chávez’s repeated election victories is the consensus amongst the big media players and their commentators that democracy is fine so long as it produces the correct — that is, free market — results. Otherwise it is highly problematic and even dangerous.

  • Dinner for two’ for first journalist who dares to explain Conservative ideology

    Nick Fillmore offers his personal thanks, and dinner on him, for the winning journalist and media organization that sees the light and understands the importance of telling the truth when it comes to the Harper Conservative government and its’ agenda!

  • Tom Kent’s unfinished business

    Canadian democracy lost one of its most vigilant sentries last month. Tom Kent was 89.

  • Reena Virk: Critical Perspectives on a Canadian Murder

    One Brown girl. Two killers with white privilege. Seven attackers. Twenty onlookers. This is the Reena Virk case.

  • “Obedience is the problem”: Don’t let legal wrangling distract from Occupy’s

    Those of us who consider ourselves part of that which is variously named Occupy Together or Occupy Everywhere ought to refuse this shift to a discussion about legal minutia. To engage in such debates is to implicitly accept that municipal bylaws, or indeed constitutional rights, are the sole or the main arbiter’s of a political movement’s justification.

  • Crisis in the encampments

    If the movement decided to soften its approach and support President Obama, the President might be able to bring the still out-of-control financial sector under greater control, reverse some of the tax cuts given the rich and corporations over the past few years, and reduce the amount of funding the rich can put into the U.S. federal election process. In Canada, local groups could work hand-in-hand with existing, seasoned radical groups that have experience and financial resources.

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