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  • From Ontario to Oaxaca: How to kick a mining company out of your community

    Canadian Politics

    While geographically distant, these two communities have come through their respective struggles having learned some similar lessons about the mining industry, the governments that support it, and the steps that can be taken to reclaim power and defend their homes.

  • What was Former Prime Minister Paul Martin Thinking?

    Through the theft of land and resources Canada has been very successful at manufacturing a national mindset in the people not Indigenous to Turtle Island. By manufacturing this mindset of “Canada the good and benevolent nation” many Canadians have an inability to understand what really happened to Indigenous people.

  • Brazeau, Harper and Idle No More

    The Brazeau affair — sad, repugnant and bizarre all at the same time — shines a light on two aspects of Canadian politics that desperately need some exposure.

  • Dispossessing democracy

    As Parliament resumes, Stephen Harper has made it clear that he remains committed to implementing Bill C-45 in the face of widespread social protest. But thanks, in part, to Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike, Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples are now working together, through the Idle No More movement, to grow a strong oppositional alliance against the Harper government, and Bill C-45 has become something of a lightning rod for criticism.

  • The High Stakes of Native Resistance

    The blossoming of the Idle No More movement signals the return of native resistance to the political and social landscape of Canada and Quebec.

  • Harper & Co.‘s failing math

    The Conservatives were ever-so-prepared to ram their clever omnibus wrecking balls down our collective throats. Indigenous peoples are standing up and saying no. They’re calling on non-Indigenous people to do the same.

  • Idle No More Visits The Sun

    You have to give Ezra Levant full marks for chutzpah. A week or so ago he met a hundred Idle No More protestors at the door of the Toronto Sun.

  • The Power of Idle No More’s Resurgent Radicalism

    The remarkable Idle No More movement is the biggest and most important national outpouring of grassroots aboriginal anger ever seen in Canada. Not since the late 1960s when Indians (as they then referred to themselves) and Métis confronted governments with demands for justice has such a dramatic and passionate expression of resistance been seen.

  • More Idle No More

    Indigenous Politics

    For the moment to become a sustained movement it will have to develop a stronger analysis and better organizational capacity, but the breadth and depth of the social support it has already generated show an enormous hunger for social change pointed towards social justice.

  • Mr Harper’s End Game

    It is telling that the Idle No More movement started with four First Nations women—Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, Jessica Gordon and Sheelah McLean who gave the first “Idle No More” teach-in. Sylvia McAdam is a lawyer, as is Tanya Kappo, who first tweeted #idlenomore.

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