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  • In Trujillo’s Wake

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    The Dominican Republic, Ciudad Trujillo’s legacy and the new immigration law aimed at Haitians.

  • Cannibals and Savages: Racism and images of Haiti

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Haiti is a country practically run by NGO’s. While not all of them are guilty of paternalism, inefficiency is practically inevitable in a situation where dozens of foreign organizations are all running projects independently of each other.

  • Advocacy groups says it’s time for MP’s to work for Haiti

    A national advocacy network for social justice in Haiti says it wants Members of Parliament to get involved in steering more Canadian funding toward humanitarian relief in Haiti and away from what it calls destructive interference in that country’s affairs.

  • Web Exclusive: L’union fait la force

    Joegodson didn’t vote on Sunday. He preferred to watch the proceedings. He sees the most inspiring and noble hint of Haiti’s future appear through the confusion, like a single ray of light that pierces dark and menacing clouds.

  • Web Exclusive: Turning Upside Down

    Spoiler: we announce the winner of the Haitian election in this piece.

  • Web Exclusive: Clinton is Screwed

    After we reported a couple of days ago that rumours were circulating that Americans had planted the cholera bacterium in Haiti, we were reprimanded for trivializing an important issue. The press, establishment or alternative, are sticking to the ‘facts’ in the case. However, the Haitian masses never allow the facts to get in the way of the truth.

  • Web Exclusive: Differing Deadly Realities

    With the cholera epidemic looming, Joegodson keeps in touch with his family in Saut d’Eau. His aunt is listening for the response of the local peasants to the knowledge that their waters are the source of the current cholera epidemic. Joegodson listens in Port-au-Prince and Gros Morne.

  • Web Exclusive: Some Thoughts on Orwell and the Haitian Elections

    In appealing to the ‘democracies’ to the North to allow free and fair elections in Haiti, the core imperialist countries appear to allow something at home that they prohibit abroad. In fact, American and Canadian voters have far less freedom than Haitians. It just looks different.

  • Web Exclusive: A Worrisome Trend in Port-au-Prince

    Web Exclusive

    People are used to the rubble. They walk around it. But it is more difficult to avoid the violence and criminality.

  • Web Exclusive: Avarice and Arivis

    Do you have the right to live if you are not helping to produce profits for those already awash in profit? Who do you allow to determine what your life is worth? As we organize our fair trade enterprise, surrounded by an ever-expanding and increasingly ruthless empire of capital, we continually confront fundamental questions about the nature of human existence.

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