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  • 350 Responds to Canada’s G7 Commitments


    Our movement isn’t leaving this to the whims of Stephen Harper and other G7 leaders— which is why this July, we’re bringing together thousands of people across the country to demand more from those in power, and show that people in Canada want a swift and just transition away from fossil fuels and onto renewable energy.

  • Write2Know: Amplifying the Silences of Muzzled Scientists and Performing Participatory Democracy


    At first I imagined this action as an absurdist form of performance art: by sending out a massive call to federal scientists, participants would be forced to collectively confront the injustices of this muzzling. How could we make scientists’ silences as loud as possible? How could we map imposed ignorance in Canada today?

  • Why Students Are Joining the March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate

    Social Movements

    We’re marching because there is no Planet B. And part of what we’re marching for, part of the vision I have for our future, is for our universities to not only be places for intellectual and academic growth, but also to represent the kind of ethically and morally just society that we need to live in.

  • Confronting Irving and TransCanada in the Land of the Rising Sun


    Just like Northern Gateway, TransMountain, or the Keystone XL, Energy East would be a climate disaster. Just like those pipelines, Energy East has provided a direct path for Indigenous rights and climate justice organizers to unite communities in struggle against the ambitions of the Harper Government and tar sands sector.

  • From FAILURE20 to COP21


    Time is ripe for a massive mobilization of social forces from below to put pressure on our political leaders. Trade unions will have to play a decisive role in such a mobilization. It is a question of what kind of society we want to develop. It is a question of having a just transition to a society based on clean and renewable energy.

  • Naomi Klein, Jodi Dean and ‘Green Keynesianism’


    Despite its obvious intention to challenge the corporate-dominated status quo, some Marxists fault Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything for supposedly straddling two opposing and mutually exclusive systems: capitalism and socialism.

  • Green energy won’t save the earth without social change


    The most popular techno-fix for global warming is green energy. If energy companies would only deploy wind, hydro, solar, geothermal or nuclear, then emission-intensive fossil fuels will eventually disappear. But will that actually work?

  • 61% of Canadians say protecting the climate more important than pipelines and tarsands


    Canadians believe climate disruption is a moral issue and that climate protection trumps development of the tarsands and pipelines. They want politicians to control carbon pollution and give citizens a say in energy decision-making.

  • Ecological Economics and Changing Everything


    Polycentric commons-building at multiple scales is climate action, and also builds institutions that challenge, destabilize, and create alternatives to capitalism.

  • This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate


    The Lima Conference should have been a milestone that marked out how governments will take urgent action to tackle climate change and to support vulnerable people across the world to adapt to its locked in impacts. But it was a failure and ran up against a political-economic system that puts the pursuit of profit above the needs of people and the limits of nature.

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