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  • Energy East flap shows Quebec is still viewed with contempt by many in the rest of Canada

    Canadian Politics

    If many politicians and prominent Canadians like to rap Quebec on the knuckles, it is simply because doing so is politically profitable. And if it is politically profitable, it is because for many Canadians we are neither “partners” nor “compatriots,” but annoying neighbours who always talk too much and are never happy.

  • Environment Canada officers failed to uphold the law: report


    The report by Gordon Owen, who is retiring at the end of January as head of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s enforcement branch, says a public service employee survey revealed serious problems that require immediate action.

  • Flint’s poisoned water and capital’s second contradiction

    Economic Crisis

    Just as conditions in Flint in 1937, based on the First Contradiction of Capitalism, created the sit-down strike, so will the Second Contradiction lead to protests today. When the stakes were a living wage in 1937; the stakes of living—period—are even greater today

  • How to Change Everything


    There is a lot of work to do. And so everyone on the Left should read This Changes Everything, argue about it, and take seriously its injunction to think through the implications of climate change for our programs and projects.

  • Renewables Steal Thunder From COP21


    Still, at the end of the day COP21 may not make much difference. After all, renewable energy is not waiting for COP21 to nudge people to go green. Renewables have already, for some time now, been on a tear, bustling ahead as if COP21 never counts.

  • Paris climate talks: analysis of the final agreement


    So what next? Let’s be clear: good politicians will use Paris to boost action at home, but Paris risks allowing bad politicians the space to go home, get some good publicity, and then do nothing. Investors and businesses will be looking out for what politicians do next.

  • Paris deal: Epic fail on a planetary scale


    We shouldn’t be surprised. Instead we are using this moment to reinvigorate our base, to continue forward demanding climate justice, and to show the world, show the countries, show the corporations what people can do when we unite for climate justice.

  • Trudeau fights to keep Indigenous rights in Paris climate deal


    In sharp contrast to the previous regime, the Canadian government is fighting for the inclusion of Indigenous rights in the Paris climate accord against the resistance of U.S. and European Union powers, according to several sources.

  • Naomi Klein says politicians leading world to “very dangerous future”


    While environmental observers from Greenpeace to Équiterre have said they’re surprisingly pleased with Trudeau and his climate negotiators so far — Klein says current country emissions targets at COP21 are “completely unacceptable.”

  • The Tragedy of the Commons, the Pope, and the System


    The root of the problem, simply, is that human beings and nature are means for capital rather than ends in themselves; accordingly, capital tends to destroy both original sources of wealth in its drive to expand.

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