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  • Bolivia’s Transformation

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    It is a sometimes overly rich recipe, starched with violence and populism, but Latin American politics is something to behold.

  • Vancouver Votes: Hope for COPE?

    Canadian Politics

    For a city embraced by mountains on one side and ocean on the other, Vancouver can seem like an unhappy place. And with a civic election scheduled for November 15, smack in the middle of the rainy season, it will take some major mobilizing to improve the mood of left-wing residents.

  • Stephen Harper’s ‘Strategic’ Path to Ruin

    Stephen Harper hates losing, maybe even more than he likes winning. If that’s the case he may well resign rather than face the humiliation of defeat on his single most important commitment.

  • Reinventing Progressive Politics

    We are so accustomed to the connection between political parties and democracy that to question the relationship between the two might seem absurd. But for those who recognize the multiple crises faced by humanity — the destruction of our environment, climate change, the ravages of unfettered finance capital, the undeniable limits to growth — the failure of our liberal, multi-party democracies seems increasingly obvious.

  • Defeating Harper from Below

    The swaggeringly pro-capitalist, neoliberal and militarist Harper juggernaut makes enquiring into its limits seem impertinent. So, prima facie, do developments elsewhere. The 2008 financial crisis, the greatest crisis of neoliberalism, appeared to reinforce the power of capital everywhere. However, a longer historical perspective appears more encouraging.

  • The Manitoba Election: Can Selinger Take It?

    In Canada, it’s rare for a political party to win four consecutive majority governments. Heading to the polls on October 4, will Manitoba’s New Democratic Party be one of those rare exceptions? Does it deserve to be?

  • How Would A Tory Majority Govern?

    The Harper Conservatives begin their quest to gain a majority government sporting numerous attributes, including money, organization, and five years in office. But among the party’s carry-on items is some serious baggage, including a reputation for ruthlessness and secrecy.

  • Advocacy groups says it’s time for MP’s to work for Haiti

    A national advocacy network for social justice in Haiti says it wants Members of Parliament to get involved in steering more Canadian funding toward humanitarian relief in Haiti and away from what it calls destructive interference in that country’s affairs.

  • Web Exclusive: L’union fait la force

    Joegodson didn’t vote on Sunday. He preferred to watch the proceedings. He sees the most inspiring and noble hint of Haiti’s future appear through the confusion, like a single ray of light that pierces dark and menacing clouds.

  • Web Exclusive: Turning Upside Down

    Spoiler: we announce the winner of the Haitian election in this piece.

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