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  • The Liberal Party is the Tim Hortons of Canadian Politics

    Canadian Politics

    The Liberal policies that were enacted when they were last in government, like cutting funding to popular social programs to pay for corporate tax cuts, are somewhat analogous to a roll up the rim to win contest: most people lose, some get something minor like a coffee or a doughnut, and a tiny minority get the real prizes.

  • Liberals or NDP need to take control from all-powerful ‘corporate elite’

    With the next federal election a little more than two years away, it is time we started asking the Liberals and New Democrats what kind of government they will deliver if either one can bounce the Conservatives from power.

  • Canada needs a NDP-Liberal-Green Coalition

    There is no question that Canada has a dysfunctional political system in which the views of the majority of Canadians cannot be represented by a single political party. Although almost two-thirds of Canada’s voters in the last three elections opposed the platform, policies, and philosophy of the Conservative party, it is the Conservatives who have formed the government. The majority vote was split amongst four parties, thereby thwarting the predominant will of the people and making a mockery of democracy. And this may very well continue into the future.

  • The Vote Is In—America Needs a New Paradigm

    It seems Americans are in for more of the same legislative gridlock as before the election. How Congress deals with the looming fiscal cliff will be telling.

  • Chávez No se Va

    We must do our share to give the Bolivarian Revolution and Latin America’s “pink tide” room to breathe. In doing so, we might just find some of the inspiration needed to sweep away Harper and develop a serious challenge to corporate rule.

  • U.S. Election: Sawant, Stein, and Post-2012 Left Strategy

    With more than 16,000 votes (a whopping 28 per cent of the vote), the campaign of Socialist Alternative’s Kshama Sawant in Washington’s 43rd legislative district is a bright beacon of hope on the otherwise bleak horizon of the 2012 election for the American left, although you wouldn’t know it by reading the party-line and left-liberal news outlets.

  • The Color of Money

    It is time Americans wake up to the fact that “green” is the only color that matters. This election is about money, who has it, and how will the unjust distribution of the nation’s wealth be maintained. When will the 99% begin to understand that?

  • A Very American Coup

    The corporate coup against the White House failed in the summer 1933. But it could succeed in November 2012. It’s time President Obama took a page or two from the counter-insurgency tactics of President Roosevelt. He hasn’t yet, and time is running out.

  • Huge Chavez confronts (neo) liberal democracy

    At the root of this disgust with Chávez’s repeated election victories is the consensus amongst the big media players and their commentators that democracy is fine so long as it produces the correct — that is, free market — results. Otherwise it is highly problematic and even dangerous.

  • Venezuelan Elections: a Choice and Not an Echo

    When it comes to this week’s Venezuelan election, the media, pundit predictions and propaganda are based entirely on selective citation of dubious polls and campaign commentaries; and worst of all there is a total lack of any serious discussion of the historical legacy and structural features that form the essential framework for this historic election.

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