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  • A Progressive or a Radical?

    USA Politics

    Sanders is a great economist populist, but not an anti-imperialist. However, in my view, this is only a more urgent reason to become involved in the Sanders campaign and criticize it from the inside, as supporters.

  • Canada’s election: Voters defeat Harper, but elect another Trudeau

    Canadian Politics

    In the context of a concerted movement to rid the country of the Tory government, the FPTP system put enormous pressure on anti-Tory voters to “vote strategically,” i.e. for any other party that had the best chance of defeating the government. The Liberals won that wager.

  • Stephen Harper has gone, but Harperism has not

    Canadian Politics

    In short, much of Harper’s agenda seems destined to remain in place. That is a singular accomplishment for the Conservatives. And the future? The voters may have made a moral judgment about Stephen Harper, the aloof and mean-spirited autocrat. But Harperism — the set of policies that this autocrat championed — is far from dead.

  • Catastrophe: The NDP lost because it deserved to

    Canadian Politics

    But like taste tests between Coke and Coke Zero, this proved a chimera. When the NDP sought to be another “liberal” government in waiting with the dour Mulcair at the helm the people chose an obviously inspiring Liberal leader in Trudeau instead.

  • Beyond #ELXN42

    Canadian Politics

    But does change have to wait another four years for a new party to come along, or can we get to the business of organizing ourselves into a social force that cannot be ignored? One answer, as African American poet June Jordan reminded us, is this: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

  • This election campaign wasn’t about the economy

    Canadian Politics

    Will Monday’s election be decided on the economy? Perhaps it will. But it’s equally likely the outcome will be decided by how Quebecers view the niqab or whether voters in the 905 region outside Toronto believe Harper’s claim that Trudeau wants to set up brothels in their neighbourhoods.

  • Harper thinks we won’t vote. Let’s show him he’s wrong

    Canadian Politics

    Welcome to the new face of voter suppression. Given another four years, it’s a safe bet the Conservatives would try to cancel elections altogether, saying that because so few Canadians even bother to vote it’s clear they support the incumbents.

  • Malice in Harperland

    Canadian Politics

    The Harper government has waged an unrelenting attack on the interests of the vast majority of people living in Canada or seeking to live here: it has censored scientists, hamstrung trade union organizers, persecuted protestors, victimized refugees, battled veterans — the list of Harper’s targets is very long.

  • Stop Harper

    Canadian Politics

    It’s hard to recall as divisive a figure in recent Canadian political history as Stephen Harper. Few prime ministers have provoked as much animus among Canadians. Of course it’s not just Harper himself who elicits such enmity, but his corporate and wealthy allies and their political project of market fundamentalism militantly set on rolling back the social state, along with all the hard-won protections accorded Canadians, and undoing indispensable environmental regulations.

  • Quebec Left Debates Perspectives in Canada’s Federal Election

    Canadian Politics

    It is a depressing campaign, with little discussion of major issues in the corporate media. No party is offering a real alternative on such key issues as climate change, increasing neoliberal austerity, Canada’s increasing militarization, etc.

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