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  • The Neocon in the Oval Office

    USA Politics

    The neoconservative movement dates from the 1970s. The term originally referred to “newcomers” to conservative politics from leftist and liberal origins. They gravitated to the politics of Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson and UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Among their adherents were Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and later Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

  • The US Election: an Exercise in Mendacity

    USA Politics

    The Trump supporter thinks, what difference does it make if he makes up stories about Muslims? The Clinton supporter asks (with increasing indignation towards the questioner), what difference does it make if she lied about her emails, and about Benghazi, and got her party’s nomination through the machinations of mendacious people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

  • Venezuelan Opposition Unlikely To Secure Recall Referendum Before Year’s End

    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Earlier this week, Venezuela’s national electoral council, known as the CNE, announced that the presidential recall referendum will be proceeding to the next phase, and outlined a timeline for the rest of the process. According to the electoral authority, the next step is to collect 20 percent of the registered voters’ signatures in three days.

  • Jeremy Corbyn: Labour’s Unelectable Leader


    But what is even more worrying from their point of view is that when this aging, non-egotistical and upright politician speaks, he makes every individual in the huge crowds that he attracts feel and look big. And every day there are more people joining the crowd. Labour now has well over half a million members, more than all the other UK parties combined.

  • The 1 Percent’s Useful Idiots

    USA Politics

    It will require anger and courage. It is the greatest moral imperative before us. Those who do not defy the evil become its accomplice. We may not succeed. But we must be among those of whom future generations will say: They tried. They dared to dream. They dared to care. They dared to love. They enabled those who followed to press on in the struggle.

  • Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Lesser-Evilism: The Liberals who Cried Wolf?

    USA Politics

    The American people don’t deserve Trump, the world doesn’t deserve Trump, and even the average Democratic voter doesn’t deserve Trump. But liberal elites across the developed world do. It was their cuts to social programs, their imbalanced trade deals, and their attacks on the organized working class that set into motion such a potential catastrophe.

  • How the Bernie Sanders Movement Must Last Beyond the Election

    Social Movements

    In a new video on The Real News Network, Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer shares his views on the political movement that grew from the Bernie Sanders campaign. He explains that, despite Sanders’ political losses, the movement can still incite change—if it organizes successfully.

  • My Advice to NDP: Look Before You Leap. Then Leap

    Canadian Politics

    To judge from the reaction of the Canadian punditariat, the New Democrats’ convention in Edmonton was a murder-suicide. Tom Mulcair was ousted (and immediately resurrected himself as interim leader), and the convention voted to discuss the Leap Manifesto – which everyone took to be political self-immolation.

  • NDP Now Has Chance to End 13 Years of Error

    Canadian Politics

    The NDP has paid a staggering price for the politics of its last two leaders. Jack Layton was more in tune with the social democratic roots of the party than Mulcair, but he launched the shift to a strategy aimed at achieving power. The inevitable result was to water down social democratic principles and move the party to the centre.

  • Year Of The Outsider: Why Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Rebellion Is So Significant

    USA Politics

    If the Sanders vision prevails, the Democrats will pivot toward their New Deal social democratic roots. In that case, economic solidarity and inclusion become the headline. And the party again aspires to be a mass movement rather than an awkward stitching together of corporate money, social liberals, and minority voters.

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