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  • On Childhood: Introduction


    The contributors to this special focus section on childhood offer potent challenges to this all-too-common line of interpretation. In none of the articles that follow will you find analyses that treat the period between “infancy” and “adolescence” as a kind of pre-political period of formation. Nor will you find pat venerations of youthful “ignorance.”

  • The Popular Front: An “Alternative Year in Review” of 2015 Pop Culture


    This list showcases elements of progressive popular culture from the past year that aim to change the world. There are a lot of great socialist, feminist, anti-racist, and decolonial works produced every year – but it is hard to keep track of them all.

  • KC Adams: Perception, imagery and the fragility of prejudice


    Perception demonstrates the malleability of attitudes and the fragility of stigma. Its use of photographs, a medium central to our understanding of human faces and identity, serves an emotional and cognitive purpose: it allows one to transcend the shell of appearance and grasp the essence of others.

  • Virality, Solidarity and Meme Warfare


    While cats worldwide are no doubt thrilled at the digital attention they always knew they deserved, humans, and especially labour and social justice activists, might have reason to be wary of the meme. It may reinforce some the worst tendencies of the Left and those who are easily tempted to imagine that our ability to change the world is merely a matter of engineering better PR and more widely broadcasting their righteous message.

  • The First Loser


    Sport culture inevitably reflects and reinforces the values of the larger society in which sport is embedded. In sport, as in society, the unscrupulous competitor wins the race, gets the gold, gets the endorsements and gets the girl (or boy, depending on sex or sexual preference). The values of our corporate socio-economic system are almost perfectly mirrored in and mutually reinforced by the values of corporate sport.

  • Shooting Star: Techumseh Redux

    Tecumseh, the great Shawnee War Chief of the 1812 War is vilified in the US and honoured (sort of) in Canada. But in Canada’s centenary celebrations of the War of 1812, Tecumseh is largely being ignored.

  • Random notes on television comedy

    On July 29, an article titled “Curb Your Racism” appeared on the widely read Mondoweiss, a blog devoted to “the war of ideas in the Middle East”. Written by Eleanor Kilroy, it expressed dismay at the most recent “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode on HBO.

  • The world is hurtling toward destruction, but giving up some male power is not an option

    I wonder how many women are feeling like I do, especially older women. I look around and see that men are running the world, and no matter how screwed up the world is getting, what a dreadful and dangerous mess we are in, they are still loath to share the reins with women, who tend to see things and do things somewhat differently than men, if they are allowed to.

  • Culture Jam

    Web Exclusive

    When considering the thousands of marketing messages an average Canadian receives daily, how is it not reasonable to consider a need to create dialogue between citizens and marketers?

  • America’s Heart of Darkness

    USA Politics

    America is grieving, although you’d never know it with all the pointing fingers.

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