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  • Green energy won’t save the earth without social change


    The most popular techno-fix for global warming is green energy. If energy companies would only deploy wind, hydro, solar, geothermal or nuclear, then emission-intensive fossil fuels will eventually disappear. But will that actually work?

  • 61% of Canadians say protecting the climate more important than pipelines and tarsands


    Canadians believe climate disruption is a moral issue and that climate protection trumps development of the tarsands and pipelines. They want politicians to control carbon pollution and give citizens a say in energy decision-making.

  • This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate


    The Lima Conference should have been a milestone that marked out how governments will take urgent action to tackle climate change and to support vulnerable people across the world to adapt to its locked in impacts. But it was a failure and ran up against a political-economic system that puts the pursuit of profit above the needs of people and the limits of nature.

  • When History Knocks


    Naomi Klein is a longtime movement and media icon, a gifted synthesizer and popularizer who, over the past two decades, has been a leading chronicler of anti-corporate, anti-globalization, and anti-capitalist social movements (a series of “anti”s that undeniably needs some unpacking).

  • Taking on capital in an age of climate change


    As a consequence of humanity’s blind and unwitting experiment with our own planet’s atmosphere, we face arguably the most challenging moral and political dilemma in the history of our species – one that implicates all life on the planet.

  • YASunidos trek to the highlands of the Ecuadorian Andes to defend rights of nature


    An ecological defence organization in Ecuador called YASunidos held a news conference in the highlands of Rio Bamba on November 14, 2014 to announce a demand for the rights of nature in response to a planned massive pine tree plantation in the highlands of Páramo de Pallo-Tangabana.

  • Moving Forward After the People’s Climate March

    Economic Crisis

    The September 21 People’s Climate March in New York City was a huge success. Over 310,000 people consisting of hundreds of contingents of various origins and interests marched in New York (some have put the number of marchers as high as 400,000). The organizers report that 2,807 similar actions took place in 166 countries during that weekend.

  • Climate Justice Resurfaces Amidst New York’s Corporate Sharks


    The world’s largest ever march against climate change on Sunday (21 September) brought 400,000 people to the streets of New York, starting a lively parade at Central Park. On Tuesday, 120 of the world’s political leaders – notably not including the Chinese and Indians – gathered 25 blocks away at the United Nations.

  • We Need System Change to Stop Climate Change


    Viking I landed on Mars, the Ramones released their first album, the Soweto Uprising began in South Africa, North and South Vietnam reunified to become the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and Gerald Ford was in the White House. 1976: The same year scientists discovered that refrigerant chemicals, chlorofluorocarbons, better known as CFCs, were responsible for creating a hole in the ozone layer. That was also the last time when global average temperatures were below the 20th century norm.

  • The Last Gasp of Climate Change Liberals


    The climate change march in New York on Sept. 21, expected to draw as many as 200,000 people, is one of the last gasps of conventional liberalism’s response to the climate crisis.

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