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  • Flying Blind

    Canadian Politics

    It seems that our government likes to fly blind. The problem is, we are all sitting in the same plane. Once instruments have been as thoroughly destroyed as they have been by this government, it is not a simple matter to re-install them. And the crash will affect us all.

  • Naomi Klein, Jodi Dean and ‘Green Keynesianism’


    Despite its obvious intention to challenge the corporate-dominated status quo, some Marxists fault Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything for supposedly straddling two opposing and mutually exclusive systems: capitalism and socialism.

  • A Different Kind of State


    Not just more state or less state, but a different kind of state. Not just more market or less market, but a different kind of economy. That’s how we need to be articulating a new political language.

  • How About a Memorial to the Victims of Harperism?

    Canadian Politics

    Today there are no dangerous communists in Canada to crush. All our prime minister has to crush are “lone-wolf, home-grown, and radicalized” terrorists: psychologically deranged individuals who tie their delusional system to mad, suicidal acts of targeted revenge at the behest of Islamic State propagandists.

  • Vanishing Point


    More than half of all the wild animals on Earth have been annihilated within my lifetime. The number of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish has declined 52 per cent in the last 40 years.

  • When History Knocks


    Naomi Klein is a longtime movement and media icon, a gifted synthesizer and popularizer who, over the past two decades, has been a leading chronicler of anti-corporate, anti-globalization, and anti-capitalist social movements (a series of “anti”s that undeniably needs some unpacking).

  • China’s Second ‘Cultural Revolution’


    China is in the midst of its second ‘cultural revolution’ in a half century. While the first (under Chairman Mao Tse Tung) was intended to ‘revitalize socialism’, the current is directed to ‘moralizing’ capitalism.

  • Taking on capital in an age of climate change


    As a consequence of humanity’s blind and unwitting experiment with our own planet’s atmosphere, we face arguably the most challenging moral and political dilemma in the history of our species – one that implicates all life on the planet.

  • Elites Have Forced America into a National Psychosis to Keep Us Embroiled in Imperial Wars

    USA Politics

    To some extent, we can create the future rather than merely observing the flow of events. Given the stakes, it would be criminal to let real opportunities pass unexplored.

  • SOS Alternatives to Capitalism

    Economic Crisis

    Capitalism re-invents itself often. Even if the world dies, capitalism makes it through in some other metaform. Capitalism has never really been on its death bed. Imperialism has been and is.

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