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  • Seven Ways Climate Change Is Getting Personal in Ontario


    Climate change is hitting home across Ontario, whether you love hiking, skating, swimming, or sipping a craft wine from the Niagara region’s vineyards. It’s affecting jobs, too, including in tourism, shipping and energy sectors. Here are seven ways climate change is getting personal in the province.

  • Pacific Trade Deal Will Test Trudeau’s Resolve

    Canadian Politics

    If Trudeau intends to sign off on the TPP he is pursuing an odd strategy: encouraging civil society groups to criticize the TPP and raising expectations about his response. In any case he has thrown down the gauntlet. The obvious group to pick it up? The Leap Manifesto. Let the contest begin.

  • Lest We Forget: Tar Sands and War

    Canadian Politics

    Lest we forget, the tar sands fuel war and the phrase ‘never again’ requires a deeper look at the historical development of the tar sands. Since the creation of the first tar sands operations, the nation-state of Canada viewed bitumen as part of its military strategy.

  • If you win the wars at home, there’ll be no fighting anymore

    Canadian Politics

    The real history of the wars proves quite conclusively that what rights and democracy we do have in Canada emerged from the struggles of workers, women, farmers, and immigrants against war profiteering, government collusion with big business, and widespread abuses of state power during the wars.

  • Today’s NDP, Socialism, and the Party’s Legacy

    Canadian Politics

    What the NDP needs is a combination of its existing social progressivism with a recommitment to the principles of economic democracy and a healthy skepticism of capitalism. This, and not electoral opportunism, is the enduring legacy of the democratic socialist tradition in Canada.

  • Canada’s election: Voters defeat Harper, but elect another Trudeau

    Canadian Politics

    In the context of a concerted movement to rid the country of the Tory government, the FPTP system put enormous pressure on anti-Tory voters to “vote strategically,” i.e. for any other party that had the best chance of defeating the government. The Liberals won that wager.

  • Building Manitoba’s Fightback

    Canadian Politics

    With the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike approaching, now is the time to build an independent Left that is not afraid of making bold political demands in the streets regardless of who is in power.

  • Stephen Harper has gone, but Harperism has not

    Canadian Politics

    In short, much of Harper’s agenda seems destined to remain in place. That is a singular accomplishment for the Conservatives. And the future? The voters may have made a moral judgment about Stephen Harper, the aloof and mean-spirited autocrat. But Harperism — the set of policies that this autocrat championed — is far from dead.

  • Devastating election result requires Tom Mulcair’s NDP to again rethink its purpose

    Canadian Politics

    Monday’s debacle comes hard on the heels of the NDP’s disastrous 2014 Ontario provincial campaign in which the party, under leader Andrea Horwath, lost three Toronto seats as well as its pivotal role in what had been a minority government.

  • Anyone but Harper might not be enough to tackle climate change

    Canadian Politics

    In that speech in 2013, Trudeau tried out a line that he has repeated time and time again over the past two years. He said that “governments may be able to issue permits, but only communities can grant permission.” My question is – will Justin Trudeau be true to his own words? The answer, I think, depends on if we do what it takes to hold him accountable.

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