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  • A Radical Life: The Authentic Landau

    Saul Landau was exquisitely authentic. You can see it all over his craft.

  • Black History Month: Celebration or Tokenism?

    Until the contributions of minorities are recognized, the need for Black History Month and similar remembrances will remain necessary.

  • The Great Social Security Robbery

    The leaders of both US major parties, Congress, the White House, the editorial writers, journalists of all the principle newspapers and most academic economists claim that Social Security and Medicare need to be reformed in order to reduce the unsustainable fiscal deficit and avoid the bankruptcy of these social programs.

    An important aspect of this elite propaganda campaign is the perverse manipulation of the nature of those two programs.

  • Legal Imperialism and International Law

    Law is not simply part of the superstructure “reflecting” the power of economic or political institutions: it also guides and directs political and economic institutions, committing material resources to implement imperial doctrines.

  • A Pillar Built on Sand

    One would think Israel’s leaders would appreciate where they are headed and allow the Palestinians to have a viable state of their own. But there is no sign that is happening; instead, Israel foolishly continues to rely on military campaigns like Pillar of Defence to break the Palestinians.

  • Manifesto for a Doomed Youth

    It is apparent now that student loans are a mechanism for creating indentured servitude or modern-day serfs in which students, once they graduate, are forced to work to pay back loans that they cannot shake unless they sell themselves to the highest payers — most likely businesses and corporations in the private sector. Working for the public, voluntary or social sectors becomes a privilege affordable to only a few, while entry to certain professions that still place weight on interning (eg. media) are pretty much closed to anyone without wealthy parents.

  • Quebec’s election – an initial balance sheet

    The results of the September 4 general election in Quebec produce mixed reactions among supporters of all the major parties.

  • No Silver Medal

    Civil disobedience has halted production at Mexico’s “top grade producer of silver.” Farmers of the La Sierrita village, a close knit community of about 50 families, located 40 minutes north of the city of Gómez Palacio, Durango, have shut down the La Platosa mine owned by Canadian firm Excellon Resources for over a month.

  • Mainstream Corporate Media – Psychiatry’s Publicists

    The myths and stereotypes surrounding mental illness and the violent mental patient are unfortunately alive and well.

  • Questioning Being Black and White in Canada

    Does The Question just harmless curiosity? Or does The Question unconsciously reveal deeply held racial assumptions, sometimes even racist values? Either way, The Question puts race centre stage in a society where, ironically, the topic is often avoided, evaded at best.

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