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  • Massive Canadian-Saudi export deal exposes Conservative hypocrisy

    Canadian Politics

    We need to explore in much more detail the links between prosperity for corporations and war and repression in places like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. A good start would be a vigorous debate, both in the media and in Parliament, about the largest export manufacturing deal in Canadian history.

  • Celebration capitalism, protest and the Sochi Olympics


    We are delighted to bring you a feature interview with activist, author and former Olympic athlete, Jules Boykoff. We talk about the Sochi Winter Olympics, celebration capitalism, dissent and the history of Olympic political struggle.

  • We All Lose in Canada’s Austerity Olympics

    Canadian Politics

    The federal Conservatives continue to take part in the global austerity Olympics with their 2014 budget as fallout from the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression continues, and people and the planet are suffering as a result. Nobody wins with this approach.

  • Listen, Paul Dewar! Ariel Sharon was a war criminal

    Canadian Politics

    Dewar and the NDP were silent when Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez died, so why did the NDP pipe up on Israeli war criminal, Ariel Sharon.

  • Ecuador’s proposed oil moratorium a worthy model

    Demands for public consultation and a referendum on oil extraction point toward a model worthy of emulation.

  • Closing door on Canadian citizenship

    Canadian Politics

    Impending citizenship law changes will make it harder to become a Canadian citizen, immigration law specialist Edward Corrigan argues.

  • Harper Launches Major First Nations Termination Plan

    Indigenous Politics

    The Harper government is implementing a termination plan that entails ending First Nations pre-existing sovereign status through federal coercion of First Nations into Land Claims and Self-Government Final Agreements that convert First Nations into municipalities, their reserves into fee simple lands and extinguish their Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights.

  • Inequality grows as CEOs blackmail the rest of us

    After the US, Canada has the second highest CEO-to-worker pay ratio. Yves Engler argues politicians should legislate a maximum pay differential between the best and worst paid workers in all companies.

  • Why Saying No to Toronto Airport Expansion Makes Sense

    Canadian Business

    Carlo Fanelli calls on Toronto residents and visitors to oppose airport expansion at Dec. 17 council meeting.

  • Feeding the Flame of Revolt

    Chris Hedges interview Jeremy Hammond, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for hacking into computers of a private security firm that works on behalf of the government, including the Department of Homeland Security, and corporations such as Dow Chemical.

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