• CMHR: The Unbearable Lightness of Inclusion

    Canadian Politics

    Few buildings in Winnipeg, or Canada, have been as contested prior to their construction, let alone their opening, as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Plagued with controversy — rather, witlessly courting it — its edifice has been lurking on the horizon for years, while critique after compelling critique assailed its neoliberal ideology: some more damning than others, but none what one would call “good press.” Would the museum address itself to Palestine, to the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza? Does it even make sense to speak of the dignity of human beings under capitalism, when rights are essentially at market?

  • The Greek Debacle

    Economic Crisis

    The Greek crisis has provoked a predictable mixture of indignation and self-satisfaction in Europe, alternatively lamenting the harshness of the settlement imposed on Athens or celebrating the last-minute retention of Greece within the European family, or both at once.

  • Federal leaders must come up with a substitute for oil

    Canadian Politics

    It is in good taste to say that economy and environment should not conflict. However, we often overlook the contradictions between the imperative of unlimited growth of tar sands operations and the fight against climate change.

  • On Palestine: A brief but essential update

    On Palestine is based upon a paradigmatic historical understanding of the ethnic cleansing of 1948, when more than half a million Arab people were forced from their homes to make way for a Jewish state. This understanding “clarifies” the connection between Zionist political ideology and the movement’s policies in the past and present.

  • Death of a Candidacy

    Canadian Politics

    Morgan is a good advocate for challenging the apolitical apathy in youth culture which is so detrimental to NDP fortunes. So why did the party throw their candidate for Kings Hants under the bus with the 2015 campaign just a few days old?

  • Canadian government spent millions on secret tar sands advocacy

    Canadian Politics

    Under the Harper government, surging oil prices and exports led to the rise of the Canadian dollar, which contributed to the hollowing out of Canadian manufacturing, including the lose of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

  • The “N” in NDP Now Stands for Neoliberal

    Canadian Politics

    This past week may come to be seen as a watershed moment in the NDP’s capitulation to neoliberal capitalism. The nominally social democratic party effectively supported a major corporate trade accord all the while opposing an IMF call for a more progressive tax code.

  • Canadian Federal Scientists, Professionals Union Launches Anti-Harper Campaign

    Canadian Politics

    A survey commissioned by the union last year found hundreds of scientists who claimed they had been asked to exclude or alter information in government documents for non-scientific reasons. And thousands more said they’d been prevented from talking freely about their work with the media or the public.

  • No room for anti-Israel commentary in Canadian politics

    Canadian Politics

    In an international context, it would now appear that Canada has the least control of any G7 country over its own foreign policy. Bizarrely, no matter who wins the upcoming election, Canada’s Middle East policy now seems to be firmly based on Likudist agendas.

  • Nigel Wright’s Testimony Is Insulting to Canadians

    Canadian Politics

    We should all be offended that someone in that position decides that because he happens to belong to the 0.1 per cent, he can reach into his pocket to personally solve problems with his own money because it is simply the easiest way to clear off his terribly crowded desk and get on with other business.

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