Social Movements

  • Black History Month: Celebration or Tokenism?

    Until the contributions of minorities are recognized, the need for Black History Month and similar remembrances will remain necessary.

  • Dispossessing democracy

    As Parliament resumes, Stephen Harper has made it clear that he remains committed to implementing Bill C-45 in the face of widespread social protest. But thanks, in part, to Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike, Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples are now working together, through the Idle No More movement, to grow a strong oppositional alliance against the Harper government, and Bill C-45 has become something of a lightning rod for criticism.

  • We are unstoppable; another world is possible

    From time immemorial, youth have provided the catalytic energy and risk-taking behaviour for any social movement worth its name. When triggering events occur for the movement, it is invariably young people who are the first responders, pouring into the streets and demanding change.

  • The Right-Left Alliance between Egypt and Argentina

    Once again world public opinion faces a most bizarre political event: an alliance between political forces on the extreme Right and the Left, including collaboration between NATO regimes and Marxist sects. The apparent unity of opposites is response to alleged policy and institutional changes made by center-left and center-right regimes, which adversely affect both economic and political elites as well as the popular sectors.

  • Is the NDP becoming Liberal Lite?

    The NDP’s future success depends on increasing people’s expectations of what is possible – not further decreasing them.

  • Illustrate! Educate! Organize!

    Graphic novels are fast becoming a popular and accessible tool of activism in the 21st century.

  • Major victory for Quebec students, environmental activists

    Their demonstrations have shaken Quebec in recent months, and yesterday students and environmentalists won major victories.

  • Manifesto for a Doomed Youth

    It is apparent now that student loans are a mechanism for creating indentured servitude or modern-day serfs in which students, once they graduate, are forced to work to pay back loans that they cannot shake unless they sell themselves to the highest payers — most likely businesses and corporations in the private sector. Working for the public, voluntary or social sectors becomes a privilege affordable to only a few, while entry to certain professions that still place weight on interning (eg. media) are pretty much closed to anyone without wealthy parents.

  • Class Struggle in Present Day Globalized Capitalism

    An examination of the social science scholarship over the past 60 years reveals few, if any, publications discussing ‘the class struggle’ in anything but theoretical expositions.

  • Québec: From Student Strike to Social Upsurge

    By passing Bill 78, a law designed to curb freedom of assembly and the right to strike, Premier Jean Charest expected to quell the three-month-old Québec student strike against tuition fee hikes. But this authoritarian gambit only galvanized the student movement and summoned a wave of support which transformed the student strike into a popular protest against austerity policies.

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