Social Movements

  • No shortcuts to a new left

    Author David Camfield continues our online series about challenges and prospects on the left by calling for social movement building across Canada.

  • Why we need the Peoples’ Social Forum

    Derrick O’Keefe launches our new “Visions of the Left” series by stressing the importance of the Peoples’ Social Forum as a necessary venue to fight the right across Canada.

  • Left needs soul searching

    If progressives, whether in unions, activist groups or political parties, don’t soon begin doing politics differently — radically differently — they will fail to show that “a better world is possible.”

  • Stagnation, austerity and left politics

    If we on the left want to assess the likely outcome of the recent crash and develop a meaningful response, we need to at least clarify some of the issues involved.

  • Mass revolts against democracy

    Mass revolts against democracy have become standard operational procedure for Western European and US rulers who seek to circumvent democratic procedures and install pro-imperial clients.

  • Undoing Border Imperialism with Harsha Walia

    Activist and author Harsha Walia discusses Canada’s ongoing colonial legacy and how to challenge global border imperialism with Canadian Dimension editorial collective member, Matthew Brett.

  • Exiting the Vampire Castle

    In this pointed polemic, Mark Fisher accuses “neo-anarchists” and those in the “Vampire Castle” for toxic navel-gazing on the Left.

  • Listen to Chomsky’s Montréal discussion period

    Listen to the discussion period from Noam Chomsky’s Montréal lecture in Oct. 2013, a discussion that touches upon the reality of growing police repression in Montréal under the municipal law P-6 that bans free protest, to a clear denunciation of the pending Quebec secularist charter.

  • How Martin Luther King’s legacy speaks to our Canadian reality

    From the Arab Spring to the global movement to end violence against women and girls, from anti-austerity protests in Europe to Occupy Wall Street, from rebellions of urban youth in France and the U.K. to indigenous struggles in the Americas, once again people are on the move the world over. We are waiting for new systems of justice and equality to be born.

  • Reflections on CD through five decades

    What motivated me to start producing a magazine in the basement of my rented house in Winnipeg in the fall of 1963? I was 27 years old at the time, and knew nothing at all about how to run a business, let alone publish a magazine. I had no money, nor did I know anyone who did. Even worse, I barely knew anyone who might want to write for a magazine.

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