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  • What will it take to transform Canada’s foreign policy for the better?

    The international community’s rejection of Canada’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council was a message to Canadians to demand better from our government. And while difficult to sustain, it is grassroots anti-war and international solidarity activism that will change Canadian foreign policy for the better. If we want a foreign policy based on peace, human rights and care for the planet, the only way forward is to organize.

  • Tear down that statue!

    Today, things are changing as marginalized groups including Indigenous peoples fight for rights, recognition and justice. There is and will continue to be a backlash against them and their work, but the struggle continues. That work will include rethinking our history and tearing down the symbols of oppression and orthodoxy that represent, even glorify, past wrongs and underwrite current ones.

  • Free speech on Palestine: Time to push back

    There is a need for bold and wide-ranging approaches to Palestine solidarity at this time. However, we must also confront a major barrier that stands in the way of such forward movement. In the last few years, Israel’s enablers have made progress in attacking the legitimacy of support for the Palestinian struggle by falsely equating it with anti-Semitism. These accusations have seriously obstructed the work of left movements and activists.

  • The JDL is a violent extremist group—so we should treat it like one

    Considering its influence and long history of racist violence, there’s been far too little critical scrutiny of the JDL. While the group has been banned from Facebook and Twitter on a number of occasions, politicians, police and other officials have turned a blind eye to its criminal acts, while major media outlets and anti-racist groups have generally ignored its political activities and ties to the far-right.

  • Interview with Palestine Youth Movement and Palestine Resolution 2021

    May 15 marks the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba. At the same time, the Israeli occupation has once again increased their assault on Palestinian civilians in east Jerusalem and Gaza. Habibti Please was honoured to be joined by guests from Palestinian youth Movement Toronto and some of the core organizers behind Palestine Resolution 2021 at the NDP Convention.

  • A post-pandemic social peace accord?

    The key consideration is how the left should orient itself in the period that is now opening up. The concessions that employers and states make aren’t driven by wishes and hopes; they hinge on the willingness of those in power to provide them. The post-war approach was based on a capacity to broker social peace, while ensuring a robust flow of profits. There is no such prospect before us at present.

  • Far-right organizing in Alberta, on the streets and online

    Anti-mask rallies have been near weekly events in Alberta since the summer, and there has been a consistent presence of identifiable far-right extremists like the Soldiers of Odin, Three Percent Militia, and the Proud Boys. Even with negative attention and condemnation coming from public officials, it appears the confidence of these groups is growing in stride with the increasingly emboldened anti-lockdown community.

  • Five 2021 NDP convention resolutions the left should support

    The federal NDP convention is only a couple of weeks away, and many party activists are working hard to ensure their favourite resolutions get support. While there are hundreds of resolutions worthy of support submitted by riding associations across the country, I wanted to highlight just a few that I think are essential to the left in building a party and society that centres social, economic, and environmental justice.

  • Poverty is the result of policy decisions—but we have the power to end it

    Poverty is the product of policy decisions. When elected officials give billions of dollars in handouts to multinational conglomerates or nearly a trillion dollars to the big banks in liquidity support, they are making choices of their own. They are saying that the one in five children living in poverty by no choice of their own in Canada are less important to them than shareholder profits.

  • The class struggle and geopolitics

    It is hard to imagine any credible political perspective on the left that isn’t hostile to US-led imperialism. However, there is more to be considered than the geopolitical map and the actions of governments. We live in a world in which working class people face exploitation and oppression and in which they take to the streets to challenge those conditions.

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