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  • Reviews: 10 Movies That Were Way Better Than The Books

    It’s not that the books were completely terrible; more accurately, it’s that they weren’t realizing the full potential of the story. These movies are miles better than the books that spawned them, so much so that you might even forget they were books in the first place.

  • Review: The Trouble with Billionaires

    How much is a billion dollars?

    For most of us, that number is more than we can imagine, so Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks have made it simple. If you were given a dollar every second, it would take almost 32 YEARS to become a billionaire.

  • Web Review: True Grit

    Call me incorrigibly dogmatic and a “politically correct” bore, but I just can’t get on the bandwagon for the Coen brothers’ “True Grit”. I confess that I was prejudiced from the start, having had an extreme reaction against the original “True Grit” that starred Vietnam War hawk John Wayne in 1969.

  • Web Reviews: States and revolution in Latin America

    Like his first book, Dangl’s latest offering provides an opportunity for the subjects of the social changes underway in Latin America to speak for themselves and tell their own story.

  • Review: Fast Feminism

    Fast Feminism disciplines philosophy. In it, Shannon Bell makes philosophy her boy; she makes it lick and shine her boot for having refused her sex, anatomy, and the female phallus the ontological place of privilege amongst the philosopher kings.

  • Review: Chomsky on Anarchism

    As tall as the figure of Noam Chomsky stands in the tradition of Western political activism and the counterculture at large, recent releases have met with criticism in some quarters on the grounds that they contribute little more than the rehashing of spent critiques.

  • Review: Terrorism and the Economy: How the War On Terror Is Bankrupting the World

    While the root of the crisis lies within the capitalist system itself, economist Loretta Napoleoni chooses to focus on the many ways in which the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have contributed to this crisis.

  • Review: The Crimes of Empire: Rogue Superpower and World Domination

    The Crimes of Empire serves to bookend Boggs’ troika of works which detail the gradual entrenchment of militarism in the American social consciousness and its role in powering global imperial designs.

  • Review: Unions, Equity and the Path to Renewal

    Unions face serious problems in the twenty-first century, including a major participatory and democratic deficit. How should we address these problems in order to “renew” unions?

  • Review: Our Friendly Local Terrorist

    The book centers around Suleyman Goven, a Turkish Kurd living in Toronto, whose landed immigrant application is tacitly inferred by officials to be hinging on his participation in domestic spying operations.

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