• Turning the page: CD goes digital

    We invite our readers and supporters to join us online as we make this transition, and we look forward, in the months and years ahead, to engaging with a new generation of people who want to change the world. As we bow out of the tangible world of print, we want to thank our subscribers for their sustaining solidarity. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

  • Resisting “The Resistance”

    Conservatives are gaining momentum in part because of the absence of a real radical resistance. Politically, there have been few notes of optimism, with the exception of Québec solidaire. The socalled alternative parties, the NDP and Greens, have demonstrated a cowardly lack of leadership in recent years as well as an inability to put forward a bold set of policy proposals that address the root of our social, economic, and ecological problems: capitalism with its attendant ills of patriarchy and white supremacy.

  • Wilson-Raybould, thrown under the bus for corporate interests

    Front and centre is a multi-facetted government scandal showing the fragility of some of Justin Trudeau’s most fervent claims. Feminism has taken a hit, with ex-Minister Wilson-Raybould – casually referred to as “Jody” – thrown under the bus. Trudeau claims “surprise and disappointment” at her actions with Ottawa rumours circulating that she was always “difficult.”

  • The real opposition in Québec

    In the last 40 years, rather than taking the lead in social struggles, the labour movement has been mostly on the defensive. One of the most critical challenges for QS is to generate enthusiasm, hope and active support for a renewed left political project among the union rank and file as well as all the other forces of social transformation, while avoiding the pitfalls of its own growing success – all this while mounting a fierce and compelling opposition to a right-wing government bent on sapping what remains of Québec’s social state after decades of neoliberal corrosion.

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