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  • Government inaction on anti-Palestinian charity reflects Canada’s racist power structure

    We are beginning to hear more about the varieties of racism that plague our country. With a federal election around the corner, those among us who strive for a just peace in Israel-Palestine can raise this issue with our local candidates. At your doorstep, in your community, and at local candidates’ debates, ask them if they support the ongoing charitable status of JNF Canada. Ask them if they think Palestinian lives matter.

  • Imagine a Free Palestine

    What Israel, with ample help from the US, the UK, the EU and Canada, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and so many others, is doing to the Palestinians breaks many people’s hearts, including mine. So does what the Palestinians do to live and take care of each other in the face of it all. If it isn’t breaking yours, maybe my book can help.

  • Anti-racist organizations remain silent on the JNF

    How could any self-respecting anti-racist organization refuse to criticize the Jewish National Fund (JNF)? Its racism is well documented and can be discerned from its Twitter tag. Furthermore, the JNF is not a marginal organization. The century-old organization has nine offices across Canada and has raised nearly $100 million over the past five years. A number of Canadian prime ministers, including the last two, have attended or spoken at JNF fundraisers.

  • Canada joins campaign to stifle criticism of Israel

    As Israel seeks to crush Palestinian resistance, complete the colonial project and become an impregnable fortress of Western interests in the Middle East, a frank and clear anti-Zionism is at a premium. When Palestinians join the Great March of Return to the Gaza fence, it is not enough to accuse the IDF of using excessive force. We must fight for a free, democratic and secular Palestine.

  • Canada adopts Israel lobby’s contested definition of anti-Semitism

    Canada has announced that it will formally adopt a definition of anti-Semitism that could characterize Palestinian rights campaigning as anti-Jewish bigotry. The definition is contained in the Canadian government’s new strategy to “combat racism and discrimination in its various forms.” The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association says the definition is “is extremely vague, open to misinterpretation” and a “threat to freedom of expression.”

  • The Threat of War with Iran

    The presence of both US and Iranian forces in Syria could lead to any number of scenarios of an intentional or accidental armed confrontation amid that country’s multi-sided conflict. In short, even if the Trump Administration is only bluffing and does not actually intend to launch a confrontation, a hair trigger situation now exists that could result in a major conflagration.

  • Canada gets cozy with repressive Middle East monarchies

    The amicable relationship between the Trudeau government and repressive Middle East monarchies like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates demonstrates how little the Liberals care about democracy abroad. It also reveals the duplicity of Canada’s claim that its efforts to oust the Maduro government in Venezuela is all about supporting democracy.

  • Retired US colonel: Israel is dragging the United States into World War III

    Wilkerson didn’t hold back in his critique of where the status quo is leading the United States via its client state, Israel. At the annual Israel lobby conference at the National Press Club, Wilkerson explained that Israel is headed toward “a massive confrontation with the various powers arrayed against it, a confrontation that will suck America in and perhaps terminate the experiment that is Israel and do irreparable damage to the empire that America has become.”

  • As Israel’s racism grows, more Canadian Jews turn against it

    An Independent Jewish Voices and United Jewish People’s Order commissioned EKOS poll found that 37 percent of a random sample of 359 Jewish Canadians surveyed have a negative opinion of the Israeli government, 31 percent oppose the military blockade of Gaza and 30 percent think Palestinians’ call for a boycott of Israel is reasonable.

  • Israel’s Stranglehold on American Politics

    The Israel lobby’s buying off of nearly every senior politician in the United States, facilitated by our system of legalized bribery, is not an anti-Semitic trope. It is a fact. The lobby’s campaign of vicious character assassination, smearing and blacklisting against those who defend Palestinian rights is not an anti-Semitic trope.

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