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  • International solidarity against Canadian mining giant


  • The Syrian refugee crisis: a first-hand account from the Turkish border

    Human Rights

    More than three years have passed since protesters took the streets in Syria. What began as a call for democracy, a mass movement to end Bashar al-Assad’s 43 years of family rule, has turned into a foreign-funded proxy war without a foreseeable end.

  • Harper’s (Un)Fair Elections Act could be a useful crisis of democracy

    Canadian Politics

    With the introduction of the "Fair Elections Act," the 2015 election could be purely about democracy itself, argues Murray Dobbin.

  • Ending homeless deaths in Canada

    Canadian Politics

    A homeless man lay dead outside Loblaws flagship Toronto store as people went about shopping. People are demanding affordable housing, better services and higher paying jobs.

  • Ending Canada’s shameful practice of indefinite detention

    Canadian Politics

    Migrant prisoners in Canada have been beaten back into their cells, imprisoned for “preventive” reasons, reallocated to prevent political organising, and lied to by prison authorities in an ongoing and historic migrant prisoner strike.

  • Listen to Chomsky’s Montréal discussion period

    Listen to the discussion period from Noam Chomsky’s Montréal lecture in Oct. 2013, a discussion that touches upon the reality of growing police repression in Montréal under the municipal law P-6 that bans free protest, to a clear denunciation of the pending Quebec secularist charter.

  • Right-to-die ruling: Win for families, loss for common decency

    The Supreme Court of Canada’s 5-2 decision in Rasouli is a clear victory for the family. Sadly, it is a loss for common sense and common humanity. It is also a blow against physician integrity and potentially damaging to the Canadian health-care system.

  • Who Are You Calling Bogus?

    Human Rights

    Canada’s rejection of the Roma is a far cry from the past when our willingness to admit refugees won us a United Nations Nansen Medal in 1982. In those days, we took in thousands of Czechs, Ugandans, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, Lebanese and Chinese as they fled conflict zones. Today, the government points to geopolitical realities as reasons to sort refugees into deserving and undeserving groups. It asserts suspicion not compassion, exclusion not inclusion, family division not family reunification. It defies the spirit of the Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees whose obligations we assumed when we signed that agreement.

  • Support from Israel Lobby for Mulcair NDP leadership bid raises serious concerns

    With voting underway to elect the new leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party and just two weeks until the leadership convention, Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV) has discovered information indicating that key players at the highest levels in Canada’s Israel Lobby are backing the candidacy of Thomas Mulcair.

  • Oh Canada Our home and Wire-tapped Land

    Human Rights

    For more than three decades the RCMP ran PROFUNC (PROminent FUNCtionaries of the Communist Party), a highly secretive espionage operation and internment plan. In case of a “national security” threat up to 16,000 suspected communists and 50,000 sympathizers were to be apprehended and interned in one of eightcamps across the country. Initiated by RCMP Commissioner Stuart Taylor Wood in 1950, the plan continued until 1983.

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