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Human Rights

  • Welcome Back, Omar Khadr: Demonized No More

    Until last week. A Harper cabinet already in a morgue-like mood from the NDP victory in Alberta was now facing another blow to its house of cards. Seeing Omar on his lawyer’s driveway was like witnessing the beginning of the end of a wrongful conviction case.

  • Understanding indigenous struggles against settler colonialism and international law

    The right of indigenous peoples is the right to self-determination, meaning freedom from an incarcerating existence. In the case of the Palestinians, international law’s solution is perpetuating incarceration through the statehood.

  • Toronto’s plan to push out the homeless

    The agenda of the developers is to complete the creation of an interwoven hive of business, commerce, upscale recreation and high end housing. Standing in the way of this are enduring pockets of housed poverty and a considerable and growing homeless population.

  • The World of Our Grandchildren

    Chomsky explains the roots of ISIS and why the United States and its allies are responsible for the group’s emergence. In particular, he argues that the 2003 invasion of Iraq provoked the sectarian divisions that have resulted in the destabilization of Iraqi society.

  • Canada must own up to its complicity in torture

    The facts tell us that Canada is complicit in the torture of detainees and has been doing everything it can to cover its dirty hands.

  • Imperialism and the Politics of Torture

    The US Senate Report documenting CIA torture of alleged terrorist suspects raises a number of fundamental questions about the nature and operations of the state, the relationship and the responsibility of the Executive Branch and Congress to the vast secret police networks which span the globe – including the United States.

  • The work of winning human rights is never over

    December 10 is the date of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations 66 years ago. That important act was the result of many years of struggle against racism and colonialism, combined with the horrors of the Holocaust that were still fresh in the memory of humankind after the Second World War.

  • Partners in Crime:  The Continental Capitalist Offensive and the Killing Fields of Mexico

    The Mexican government, welcomed as a partner of the Canadian and U.S. governments in continental economic development (North American Free Trade Agreement – NAFTA) and continental security also happens to partner in crime and the slaughter of its own people.

  • The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Multiplication of Western Walls

    On November 9, 2014, Germany and its Western Allies, celebrated the ‘Fall of the Berlin Wall’ and the subsequent ‘reunification’ of the ‘two Germanys’. Prime Minister Merkel described the ‘historic event’ as a “victory of freedom for all peoples in Europe and across the world.”

  • Kangaroo court justice for Hassan Diab

    On November 13, 2008, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) unjustly arrested Diab. In connection with a 1980 Paris synagogue bombing. A crime he had nothing to do with. At the time, France’s Le Figaro newspaper cited unnamed 2007 sources. Saying Diab led “the small commando team responsible for the attack…” Despite no verifiable evidence proving it.

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