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  • Stop lying to the Greeks—life without the euro is great

    What I find amazing about the euro-fanatics is that they just don’t seem to care about facts at all. They carry on repeating the same claims about the alleged miracle cure of their currency, no matter what happens. You can hit them over the head with the latest IMF World Economic Outlook and they carry on droning, unfazed.

  • Joseph Stiglitz: how I would vote in the Greek referendum

    By contrast, a no vote would at least open the possibility that Greece, with its strong democratic tradition, might grasp its destiny in its own hands. Greeks might gain the opportunity to shape a future that, though perhaps not as prosperous as the past, is far more hopeful than the unconscionable torture of the present.

  • Syriza, Podemos, Left Bloc, and the Left

    The opening plenary focused on anti-austerity politics, alliances, and national and international political potentials and challenges emerging in Europe and impacting the world; revolutionary dimensions of these developments - in the context of a mass-based political, economic, cultural, ecological, race and gender - of electoral, left, and social movement organizing.

  • The Class Logic behind Austerity Policies in the Euro Area

    In a society where mass unemployment is the numerical complement of a severe deterioration in working conditions, in a society of multiple contradictions and expectations, the policy of the SYRIZA government can only become hegemonic if it clearly supports the interests of the working majority in their struggle against capital.

  • Wars and displaced persons camps, in Ukraine and in Haiti

    Overall, there is great uncertainty over the future of the homeland they call Donbas. It turns out, this is not an entirely new story. Many residents told us that the political crisis in Ukraine which came to a head in late 2013/early 2014 involves longstanding and unresolved issues.

  • Greece on a knife edge

    Greece cannot stand to continue with austerity. It has already reached its farthest limits, after the standard of living has collapsed, and with it, the dignity of the Greek people. This will have to be understood by the creditors. Otherwise, the time of conflict and rupture will not be far off.

  • Why is the West Spoiling for a Fight with Russia?

    What are the consequences when elected governments make policy based on faith and imperial hubris instead of science and expertise? It’s a question that is forcing itself on the world as we watch the United States, Britain, NATO and the Harper government continue to up the ante in the confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine.

  • The Armenian Genocide: An Open Wound

    If Germany does recognize the Armenian genocide, with documents in hand, the Turkey-Armenia polarization will be cast in a new light and the obscurantism of the “Turkish thesis” will receive a fatal blow. This is the only way to fraternity and trust between the peoples of the region.

  • Toronto Symphony cancels performances by Ukrainian-born pianist for anti-war views

    The following statement was released on Facebook on April 6 by the renowned Ukrainian-born classical pianist Valentina Lisitsa. It is in response to the decision of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to cancel two performances by her with the symphony planned for April 8 and 9 of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2.

  • SYRIZA’s Two Months in Government: Difficulties and Challenges

    No one ever said that social transformation and the democratization of state–society relations is a picnic. With the radical party culture of Syriza as a guarantee, it is something that can be done, so long as we are conscious that class struggle does not stop at the door step of the party.

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