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  • Scotland’s referendum: Some lessons for Quebec… and Canada

    Superficially, the 55-45 victory of the No in Scotland’s referendum on September 18 was a clear rejection of independence. The Yes forces won a majority only in the four poorest and most deprived of the nation’s 32 local divisions, although a class breakdown of the vote would show a majority of the working class voted for independence.

  • The Conquest of Europe

    Russia’s President Putin is reported to have said in a conversation a while back that he could be in Kiev in two weeks. In our press, this was reported as yet more evidence of aggressive intentions, but, giveneven a moment’s thought, that is a patently false interpretation.

  • Ukraine and Neo-Nazis

    Ever since serious protest broke out in Ukraine in February the Western mainstream media, particularly in the United States, has seriously downplayed the fact that the usual suspects have been on the same side as the neo-Nazis.

  • Shifting Centres and Dead-Ends: An Analysis of the Presidential Election in Turkey

    The August 10 elections illustrated well the conundrum of Turkish politics and the success of Erdoğan’s AKP in shifting the centre of Turkish politics to the right.

  • Obama Buggers Europe: Sanctions Deepen the Recession

    The Obama Administration actively pressured Europe to impose harsh sanctions on Russia in order to defend the violent takeover (‘regime change’) in the Ukraine. England, France, Germany and the rest of the European regimes gave in to Washington’s demands.

  • Defeat of Ukraine Army Brings Cease-Fire, but Underlying Political Conflicts Unresolved

    A ceasefire in the war in eastern Ukraine was announced in Minsk, Belarus on Sept. 5. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko made a simultaneous announcement in Wales where he was a special guest at the summit meeting of the NATO military alliance.

  • Understanding the civil war in Ukraine

    The roots of the Ukrainian conflict are domestic and profound; outside intervention, while significant, is a secondary factor. David Mandel explores the complexities of the conflict.

  • Russia and the war in eastern Ukraine

    Solidarity will assist in creating much-needed unity throughout Ukraine, in opposition to the billionaires who are running the country into the ground with their dirty civil war and dead-end, Europe-inspired austerity.

  • Greece: The Dilemmas of Democratic Socialism

    Greece is experiencing a triple crisis which has a profound impact on the economy, society and political system. The economy has experienced a deep, prolonged depression lasting six years and continuing.

  • Plato’s Tree


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