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  • Eyewitness Greece: The SYRIZA factor in European politics

    Supporting and breaking out of the bridgehead against neoliberalism that SYRIZA has created in Greece is therefore a race against time, a race in immediate terms to give breadth, depth and higher degrees of organisation to the anti-austerity alternative in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and France.

  • Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?

    Putin is no angel, but if you want to see devils just look at his probable successors – no, not the Putinists, none of whom have the stature to measure up to the original, but the outright fascists and ultra-nationalists who will take full advantage of Washington’s open hostility.

  • Why the rise of fascism is again the Issue

    Fascism is preserved as history, as flickering footage of goose-stepping blackshirts, their criminality terrible and clear. Yet in the same liberal societies, whose war-making elites urge us never to forget, the accelerating danger of a modern kind of fascism is suppressed; for it is their fascism.

  • The SYRIZA Moment: A Skeptical Argument

    The victory of Syriza in Greece is an important moment. Indeed, I think it is going to be a historic turning point for Europe and the world, for better or for worse. Syriza defines itself explicitly as “as a party of the democratic and radical Left,” and radical it is.

  • A different kind of state

    The position of Syriza is unenviable. It has taken power in a country in the grips of economic depression, riven by oligarchic networks and, for now, still at the mercy of international institutions. Nevertheless, it is the first European government of the radical left in living memory, and one whose actions can not only transform Greece, but will serve as a point of reference for the international left.

  • The Assassination of Greece

    The Greek government is currently locked in a life and death struggle with the elite which dominate the banks and political decision-making centres of the European Union. What are at stake are the livelihoods of 11 million Greek workers, employees and small business people and the viability of the European Union.

  • Syriza Holds Its Ground

    The Syriza government has no alternative but to hold firm. In taking this road, it will enjoy the active support of its own people, but also that of a growing section of European public opinion, which is becoming conscious of the stakes of this confrontation for the future of the entire continent.

  • Another Europe with Syriza

    For the first time opportunities to govern are opening for new parties of the left – radical but pragmatic, not populist but aimed at creating a popular vision that is not Eurosceptic but interested in the idea of Another Europe.

  • Seizing the Opportunity to Fight Austerity

    In today’s highly connected world, every initiative, every show of solidarity, every poster, every message of support that reaches our country from abroad, gives us energy to forge ahead and work toward our goals. The left is here to create change, to foster new social partnerships, to stand up to ‘business as usual.’

  • A Strategy of Ruptures: Ten Theses on the Greek Future

    We have entered a new his­tor­i­cal phase. We have the pos­si­bil­ity of col­lec­tively writ­ing a new page in his­tory. Greece has been the test­ing ground for the most aggres­sive neolib­eral exper­i­ment since Pinochet’s Chile. We still have the poten­tial to trans­form it into a lab­o­ra­tory of hope!

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