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  • Understanding the civil war in Ukraine

    The roots of the Ukrainian conflict are domestic and profound; outside intervention, while significant, is a secondary factor. David Mandel explores the complexities of the conflict.

  • Russia and the war in eastern Ukraine

    Solidarity will assist in creating much-needed unity throughout Ukraine, in opposition to the billionaires who are running the country into the ground with their dirty civil war and dead-end, Europe-inspired austerity.

  • Greece: The Dilemmas of Democratic Socialism

    Greece is experiencing a triple crisis which has a profound impact on the economy, society and political system. The economy has experienced a deep, prolonged depression lasting six years and continuing.

  • Plato’s Tree


  • Popular rebellion deepens in eastern and southern Ukraine as NATO and the Kiev step up attacks


    A political crisis over the future of Ukraine has exploded in the past two months. It’s being driven by the longstanding efforts of the big imperialist countries to assert economic and military domination over the republics of the former Soviet Union and to weaken and marginalize rival Russia.

  • The Kiev putsch: rebel workers take power in the east


    Not since the US and EU took over Eastern Europe have the Western powers moved so aggressively to seize a strategic country, such as the Ukraine, posing an existential threat to Russia.

  • Putin, petrorubles and our PM’s bad posture

    Canadian Politics

    Stephen Harper’s embarrassing behaviour regarding the crisis in Ukraine misses the bigger picture: a Russia-driven shift in global currency allegiance that could devastate the economies of the U.S. and Canada. It’s a shift that Harper is helping with his rhetoric and actions.

  • Misinformation about Ukraine and Russia


    John Ryan dissects the radical changes taking place in the Ukraine, charting the rise of fascist elements within government.

  • Crimea’s legal right to a referendum

    Québec has exercised its right to self-determination, and there should be no reason why Crimea could not do the same.

  • Ukraine Between ‘Popular Uprising for Democracy’ and ‘Fascist Putsch’

    The geopolitics around the Ukraine are incredibly volatile, with conflicting interests and histories slowly playing themselves out. David Mandel examines this fragile political struggle.

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