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  • The Garden Path

    For many in the mainstream, the risks posed by climate change, while real, can be combated by a combination of new technology, market incentives to nudge industry towards greener production methods, and the greening of consumerism. Many ecologists, however, drawing on the findings of prominent climate scientists like James Hansen, dispute this view.

  • Web Exclusive: Bolivia’s Call From Cancun

    We the undersigned want delegates to show some humility and responsibility or pay the consequences in causing widespread and accelerating death

  • Forestry Agreements

    Climate reality and socio-economic reality are on a backward trajectory worldwide, and most culpable are the settler states formed out of the old British Empire. Indigenous people pay the price of climate change and its false solutions. And the Made-in-Canada “solutions” continue to be environmental and human travesties in every sense.

  • Geoengineering

    Most people have never heard of geoengineering and many of those who have don’t know quite what it is. Yet geoengineering is all the rage in some scientific circles and some climate policy circles in wealthy countries. Should you be worried? Definitely.

  • Web Exclusive: The Trojan Horse of climate ‘skepticism’ penetrates the walls of the indy media

    I have become increasingly aware that the ‘denialist’ stance, though entirely the result of a quintessential, corporate right-wing conspiracy, has penetrated substantial sectors of the ‘progressive’ independent media. These include such icons as Global Research, Counterpunch, and Brasscheck TV.

  • The Politics of Doubt: How climate skeptics have abused both science and the public trust

    Having lost the battle in the scientific arena, the skeptics have not only taken to the mass media to promulgate their cause, but have additionally resorted to the charge that they are not getting a fair hearing in this alternate venue.

  • Exploring Ecosocialism as a System of Thought

    Just as labour exploitation threw up working class movements that fought to constrain capital’s werewolf’s tendency to consume workers in its quest for profits, capital’s recklessness with nature leads to a “rebellion of nature” as “powerful social movements demand an end to ecological exploitation.”

  • Finding the Movement in the Second Contradiction

    An edited transcript of a panel discussion organized by Canadian Dimension at the Peoples’ Summit on June 19, 2010.

  • Burn, Baby, Burn

    Although the scientific community has never been more united in its conviction that climate change is well on the way to rendering planet Earth a vastly less hospitable place for most species including our own, doubt about the gravity of the problem is, paradoxically, on the rise. In this piece, Levy explores the resistance to climate change from prominent members of the Left: Alexander Cockburn, David Noble and Slavoj Zizek.

  • Ecosocialism as Holistic Earth Care

    We speak to ecosocialism founder, Joel Kovel about creating national or global resistance movements; ecosocialist activism that moves beyond pressing for direct caps on polluters; and we get his take on the Dark Mountain Project, the UN biodiversity report and the implications of Deepwater Horizon.

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