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  • Is Canada’s governor general just a rubber stamp for the PM?

    Only 26 percent of Canadians would be happy with an election this fall, according to a recent Nanos poll. But at the end of the first week of August, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may visit Governor General Mary Simon, asking her to dissolve parliament and hold a summer election. That the governor general will very likely grant the prime minister’s wish is one more sign that Canadian democracy needs a rethink.

  • Welcome to the UCP’s Alberta, where everything is going sideways in a hurry

    What Albertans deserve is honesty on issues both big and small. What Albertans (and all Canadians for that matter) cannot allow is for this sort of altered reality-twilight zone to become the new normal. Politicians saying the earth is flat when it’s clearly round is, and must be, weird. Politicians claiming they didn’t say or do something when they clearly did is, and must be, weird too. It might even be dangerous.

  • Danger signs on the road to a post-pandemic future

    The official line that the pandemic is a temporary disturbance that will soon be behind us and that we will all build back better in its wake is tired and discredited. The post-pandemic austerity regime will demand new and bold forms of organizing. Similarly, as extreme weather becomes more common and intense, the defence of communities left in harm’s way will require a whole new level of audacity and solidarity.

  • Why are Canadian charitable donations going to Israel’s military?

    Funding other countries’ militaries is not a charitable activity according to Canadian tax law. Yet some organizations granted charitable status by the Canada Revenue Agency funnel their donations to the Israel Defense Forces in clear violation of CRA regulations. Because donations are tax deductible, Canadian taxpayers are essentially subsidizing the IDF—whether they want to or not.

  • Canadian imperialism and the underdevelopment of Burkina Faso

    In recent decades, Canada has played an outsized role in a protracted process of underdevelopment in Burkina Faso—not through the direct overthrow of socialist governments and the propping-up of right-wing dictatorships, but through its exploitative investment in countries which have already had this economic agenda imposed on them by more overtly imperialist powers like the United States.

  • Beyond the socialist impasse: Remembering Leo Panitch

    In this webinar, leading figures from the left in Canada and the United States reflect on the legacy of Leo Panitch, Professor Emeritus of Politics at York University and editor of the Socialist Register. Leo passed away in December 2020. Panitch is the author of more than 100 scholarly articles and nine books including The Making of Global Capitalism, written with his close friend and university colleague Sam Gindin.

  • Canada’s fighter jet purchase is a waste of public money—and a disaster for the climate

    In this political moment, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for progressives to argue that resources should be devoted to fighter jets rather than pandemic recovery and mitigating the climate crisis. Perhaps a few hundred more phones calls, emails and tweets could move the NDP to just say no to spending tens of billions of dollars on unnecessary, dangerous, climate destroying fighter jets.

  • Avi Lewis and the NDP: Why stars don’t point the way forward for the left

    The real challenges for the left today are not about big names and bold ideas. They’re about identity and mobilization. We’ve been led to believe that elections are about individual voters examining parties and their policies like consumers looking for the best deal while parties are policy entrepreneurs just trying to meet consumer demands. But research on voters and party behaviour doesn’t support such a view.

  • Can Avi Lewis carry on the success of his family’s electoral tradition?

    At a time when concerted effort is required to address the overlapping crises of the climate, the COVID-19 pandemic, economic inequality, and racial injustice, perhaps more activists should, in fact, seek a seat in the House of Commons. And maybe, when the votes are counted in the next federal election, there will be another Lewis pounding on the desk, demanding justice and equality for all Canadians.

  • Criticism of Israel—or of Green Party leader Annamie Paul—is not anti-Semitism

    Former Green Party of Canada President Paul Estrin made several untenable claims in his July 8 opinion piece in the National Post titled “Annamie Paul and the anti-Semitic wolves washed in green.” Foremost among them is his claim that party leader Annamie Paul and her former adviser Noah Zatzman were and are the target of “anti-Semitic attacks” from within the party.

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