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  • ‘Too little, too late’: Don’t wait for CSIS to stop the rise of right-wing extremism in Canada

    Canadian Politics

    While some observers hailed the federal government’s recent addition of Neo-Nazi groups Blood & Honour and Combat 18 to the national terrorist list as symbolically important, analysts point out that Canada’s security services are doing far too little, far too late to address the broader dangers of the far-right. Instead of counting on law enforcement, social institutions and organizers must coordinate a comprehensive response to the rise of right-wing extremism.

  • NDP Suppresses Palestinian Solidarity Again

    Canadian Politics

    For those sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, ask yourself these two questions: Since polling reveals a higher percentage of Canadians support Palestinian rights than vote for the NDP federally, why won’t party officials allow a clear statement of support for Palestinian liberation? Is there a point when explicitly antidemocratic behavior that contributes to Palestinian subjugation will no longer be tolerated in a party claiming the mantra of social justice? It is time the NDP leadership listened to its membership.

  • Why the Canadian Government is Confronting Venezuela

    Canadian Politics

    Since the attempted U.S. coup against Venezuela on January 23, backed by the Lima Group of which the Justin Trudeau government is an active member, Canada’s corporate media have joined in a chorus of hate and disinformation against the Bolivarian Revolution, with the criticism focusing on Nicolás Maduro, the country’s constitutionally elected president. At the same time, a debate has arisen among workers, trade unionists, and social and political activists.

  • Liberals use ‘human rights’ to push coup in Venezuela

    Canadian Politics

    As part of their effort to overthrow Nicolas Maduro’s government, Ottawa has funded and promoted a slew of groups and individuals critical of human rights in Venezuela. And a recent report by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights gave a boost to Canada’s faltering coup bid in that South American country. Overseen by former social democratic Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, the report paints Venezuelan security forces as extremely violent and the government as politically repressive.

  • The Koch Brothers and the Tar-Sands

    Canadian Business

    Canada is attacking itself on all levels without knowing it. China has imprisoned two Canadian citizens and blocked long-standing major agriculture imports to our increasing public humiliation. The US, the actual cause of the problem, has done nothing to resolve it, and all the while, a deeper self-destruction of Canada unfolds to serve US Big-Oil demands. The usual leaders of Canada’s branch-plant culture in politics, media news and ‘expert’ commentary just continue their barking.

  • Canada adopts Israel lobby’s contested definition of anti-Semitism

    Canadian Politics

    Canada has announced that it will formally adopt a definition of anti-Semitism that could characterize Palestinian rights campaigning as anti-Jewish bigotry. The definition is contained in the Canadian government’s new strategy to “combat racism and discrimination in its various forms.” The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association says the definition is “is extremely vague, open to misinterpretation” and a “threat to freedom of expression.”

  • Ottawa supports status quo in original banana republic

    Canadian Politics

    Ten years ago, Ottawa tacitly supported the Honduran military’s removal of elected president Manuel Zelaya. During the past decade Canada has strongly allied itself to those backing the coup who continue to rule the Central American country. It was not until almost every country in the hemisphere denounced the June 28, 2009, coup that Ottawa finally did so but Canada did not explicitly call for Zelaya’s return to power.

  • Trudeau should cut his losses on the Trans Mountain pipeline

    Canadian Politics

    In 2015, Trudeau made a deal with Alberta. He would get an oil pipeline built to a coast if the province joined his pan-Canadian climate plan. After his election this past April, Conservative Alberta Premier Jason Kenney ripped up Alberta’s side of the bargain and declared war on Trudeau’s climate plan. What should Ottawa do now after being jilted by Alberta? Should the Liberal government proceed with the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline from Edmonton to the Vancouver area and lose credibility as a climate warrior?

  • Meet the hired gun Ottawa is using to overthrow the Venezuelan government

    Canadian Politics

    Recently Global Affairs Canada tendered a contract for an individual to coordinate its bid to oust President Nicolás Maduro. Canadian taxpayers are paying a hardline pro-corporate, pro-Washington, former diplomat hundreds of thousands of dollars to coordinate the Liberal government’s bid to oust Venezuela’s government. Surely, there is someone in the House of Commons willing to inquire about Canada’s Elliot Abrams?

  • Trudeau government squeezes Cuba

    Canadian Politics

    Recently, the Canadian Embassy in Havana closed its Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship section. Now, most Cubans wanting to visit Canada or get work or study permits will have to travel to a Canadian embassy in another country to submit their documents. In some cases Cubans will have to travel to another country at least twice to submit information to enter Canada. The draconian measure has already undercut cultural exchange and family visits.

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