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  • Conservative ‘Blue Wave’ Sweeps Across Canada

    Canadian Politics

    It is clear that the blue wave can’t be turned back by the neoliberal centre, whether that is represented by liberals or right wing social democrats who refuse to break with the austerity consensus. It is equally clear that mass social action is urgently required to disrupt and seriously challenge the hard right governments installed across Canada. In Ontario, a recent rally of teachers, students and parents against the attack on public education was far larger than expected and it followed a walkout by over 100,000 students.

  • What a false accusation of antisemitism from Winnipeg’s mayor reminds us about political power

    Canadian Politics

    Still licking his wounds from his scrap with Winnipeg Jets owners True North in 2015, Bowman has consciously decided to pick a fight with one of the oldest leftist institutions in the city for booking a renown Palestinian rights activist — all while ignoring the endless slew of bad news that warrants serious condemnation. Such cowardice will likely be no surprise to anyone who has watched the mayor capitulate to the likes of True North, or ignore the opportunity to condemn the controversial 2018 appearance of Jordan Peterson in the city.

  • RCMP invasion of Wet’suwet’en Nation territory breaches Canada’s ‘rule of law’

    Canadian Politics

    In this case, the laws of Canada were neither equally enforced, nor compliant with international human rights standards. Canada is not a country that follows the rule of law. Canada makes and breaks laws to suit its own economic and political interests, which run counter to those of Indigenous peoples. It is time to be honest about it, and call out Canada as an outlaw, and take action to support the Wet’suwet’en Nation, who have occupied their lands since time immemorial.

  • No golden era in Canada’s foreign policy

    Canadian Politics

    Linking criticism of current policy to a mythical “golden era” is motivated by ideology and tactical considerations. Many leftists simply can’t think outside the benevolent foreign policy box. At the tactical level, it isolates the issue and is supposed to elicit a “this isn’t the Canada I know” reaction. But, structuring criticism in this way downplays the structural character of the problem and distorts the past.

  • Morbid symptoms: Alberta’s yellow vest movement

    Canadian Politics

    Alberta’s protests began as street protests, but gained traction on December 19 when some Yellow Vests joined a convoy of 1,200 trucks. These vehicles driven by oil patch workers and their supporters had assembled just south of Edmonton. Blocking traffic as it went, the convoy drove slowly to the capital and made known its demand that oil pipelines be built to “free” the resource from its land-locked status.

  • Wilson-Raybould, thrown under the bus for corporate interests

    Canadian Politics

    Front and centre is a multi-facetted government scandal showing the fragility of some of Justin Trudeau’s most fervent claims. Feminism has taken a hit, with ex-Minister Wilson-Raybould – casually referred to as “Jody” – thrown under the bus. Trudeau claims “surprise and disappointment” at her actions with Ottawa rumours circulating that she was always “difficult.”

  • Fighting Ford: Ontario’s New Healthcare Act

    Canadian Politics

    The new health care omnibus bill, being rushed at breakneck speed through Ontario’s Legislature by Doug Ford’s majority caucus, does not reflect his promises to “the people” in the election. It does not open a single operating room to speed up surgical wait times, though lack of operating funds means that there are closed ORs in every major hospital in Ontario.

  • As Israel’s racism grows, more Canadian Jews turn against it

    Canadian Politics

    An Independent Jewish Voices and United Jewish People’s Order commissioned EKOS poll found that 37 percent of a random sample of 359 Jewish Canadians surveyed have a negative opinion of the Israeli government, 31 percent oppose the military blockade of Gaza and 30 percent think Palestinians’ call for a boycott of Israel is reasonable.

  • Moving Beyond Ford: The Transportation We Want

    Canadian Politics

    In Toronto and beyond, campaigns are underway to confront the Ford government’s initiative to take the Toronto subway system from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in order to reorganize, further automobilize and possibly privatize transit and transportation across the Greater Toronto area (GTA). This and other Ford Government initiatives have put progressive transportation advocates as well as transit riders and workers on the defensive. Once more, proactive initiatives are forced onto the backburner.

  • Canada’s corrupt foreign policy practices come home to roost on Parliament Hill

    Canadian Business

    Justin Trudeau’s government is engulfed in a major political scandal that lays bare the role of corporate power in Ottawa. But SNC Lavalin’s important role in Canadian foreign policy has largely been ignored in discussion of the controversy. The PMO has been accused of interfering in the federal court case against the giant Canadian engineering and construction firm for bribing officials in Libya. Former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould claims she was repeatedly pressured to defer prosecution of the company and instead negotiate a fine.

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