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  • Why are Canada’s Trains Vulnerable? Good Old Capitalist Cost-Cutting

    The fireball in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, flashed around the world last week as a very hot news item. Amidst all the apportioning of blame our sober attention must also turn to what this appalling incident tells us about the dark side of competitive markets, and the complicity of governments committed to facilitating their spread around the world.

  • Quebec’s Lac-Mégantic oil train disaster not just tragedy, but corporate crime

    At the root of the explosion is deregulation and an energy rush driving companies to take ever greater risks

  • Modern Day Slavery

    More than 300,000 temporary foreign workers were in Canada in 2011. This number tripled since the year 2000. Few laws assist these workers and they are often unaware of their rights.

  • Falling into a Burning Ring of Fire

    The last line of common sense seems to be some 20 First Nations whose territories will be impacted one way or another.

  • Pipeline politics

    Canadian Business

    Petroleum giant Enbridge Inc. has taken huge strides in recent weeks to complete its plan to transport tar sands oil to eastern Canada and from there to foreign markets.

    Already assured of support from the Harper government, the company is rapidly lining up further backing from provincial politicians and industry players, including a key trade union. And it is fast-tracking the regulatory approval process.

  • Tax cheaters: Give us back our money

    There is a class of people and corporations in this country whose illicit financial practices have an enormous negative impact on the country and its citizens. Yet the law and order regime of Stephen Harper barely plays lip service to the issue of tax evasion through tax havens.

  • Do No Harm?

    Canadian Business

    “Do no harm,” an ancient injunction in the field of medicine, is at risk of being forgotten in the delivery of health care in North America today. In fact, medical errors, pharmaceutical errors and hospital acquired infections (HAIs) combined are a scandalously significant annual cause of death for Americans and Canadians.

  • When Will Alberta Stop Giving Away its Oil?

    For too many years, successive Alberta governments have sold off Alberta’s oil at fire sale rates. In doing so, they have let the vast potential of our resource gifts slip through our fingers. Consider only the following: In 1978, Albertans received 40 percent of revenues from the oil patch, but by 2009, this had fallen to 10 percent.

  • Corporate-owned media manipulation threatens Canadian democracy

    In today’s media, progressive and small-l liberal ideas that champion the public interest are missing. In our liberal-oriented country, many newspapers do not have even one moderately progressive columnist writing on economic and political issues.

  • A Tar Sands Partnership Agreement in the Making?

    The Tar Sands lobby, environmental astro-turfing and the global implications of Canada’s Tar Sand initiative.

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