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  • The Indonesia massacre’s historic message

    Senior Republicans in both the House and Senate have called on the President to “reject any claims for the continued postponement” of declassification. “Transparency in government is critical not only to ensuring accountability; it’s also essential to understanding our nation’s history,” said Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  • A Murderous History of Korea

    ‘If it would be appropriate for me to meet with [Kim Jong-un], I would absolutely; I would be honoured to do it.’ There’s no telling whether this was serious, or just another Trump attempt to grab headlines. But whatever else he might be, he is unquestionably a maverick, the first president since 1945 not beholden to the Beltway. Maybe he can sit down with Mr Kim and save the planet.

  • South Korean Protests Growing

    These are the largest demonstrations in South Korea since the pro-democracy movement of the 1980s. But the street protests are also against the neoliberal reforms Park has pursued and the attacks on the KCTU (Korean Confederation of Trade Unions), and an emphatic statement that all politics is not forming in a populist hard right.

  • 150 million Indian workers take part in largest strike in centuries

    “We are demanding that ordinary workers should also get a rock-bottom of 18,000 a piece minimum pay, take-home pay, so that they can have a good, a happy family life. We want that every worker should get at least, at the fag-end of their life, 3,000 rupees minimum pension. We want that in–there are many contract employment in perennial nature of jobs.”

  • China’s Pivot to World Markets, Washington’s Pivot to World Wars

    While President Obama’s “pivot to Asia” has been largely a wasteful military strategy to encircle and intimidate China, Beijing’s “pivot to markets” has successfully enhanced its economic competitiveness. As a result, over the past decade, China’s growth rate is three times that of the US; and in the next decade China will double the US in ‘robotizing’ its productive economy.

  • Corporate and military plunder in the Philippines

    Will Justin Trudeau support the introduction of a new bill to mandate Canadian corporate respect for human rights standards and environmental responsibility? Will he stop supplying some of the world’s worst regimes with military equipment used to repress their own populations?

  • China: Reformers and Compradors

    China’s reformers have started their new version of “The Long March” through many layers of corrupt, flawed and failing institutions. Bigger and more consequential changes await the awakening of the working class.

  • China helps pave the road to Paris with ambitious climate pledge

    Shifts like these are more than a laundry list, according to China’s INDC. They are a fundamentally new policy, one of “transforming the economic development pattern, constructing ecological civilization and holding to a green, low-carbon and recycled development path.”

  • A Critique of US “Grand Strategy toward China”

    The US should not attempt to block China’s growth and expansion; it should assist and share in its ascendancy, especially in the face of great global climate and energy challenges. Washington is much more likely to strengthen its Asian–Pacific partnership and succeed in its diplomacy if it replaced its military posturing with robust economic growth.

  • A Fly’s Eye View of America’s War Against Vietnam, Part Two

    Managing and conducting what are always called merely “operations”, it is impossible to draw any informed conclusions about the relationships between these people, the institutions they represent and the interests vested in those institutions—the progenitors of the war against Vietnam and the wars for the control of land and population that have continued since.

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