• Seeds of ISIS terror sown by Western hegemony

    Middle East

    Bizarre as it is, this fanatical and reactionary movement is bent on chasing the imperialist West as well as Russia out of Arab lands. From the midst of the millions of Arabs brought to Europe as workers, ISIS has been able to recruit a few to bring the war home to the West.

  • Six Ways Climate Change Is Getting Personal in the Prairies


    Climate change is hitting home across Canada’s Prairies, whether you ski, skate, ranch, mill timber, or insure people whacked by weird weather. Scientists say a shift in weather patterns is accelerating due to greenhouse gas emissions from humans burning carbon. It’s already affecting lives in the region.

  • Shadows of Algeria: the Lost Context of the Paris Attacks


    It wasn’t just one of the attackers who vanished after the Paris massacre. Three nations whose history, action–and inaction–help to explain the slaughter by Isis have largely escaped attention in the near-hysterical response to the crimes against humanity in Paris: Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

  • The legitimate grievances of terrorists


    With the despicable attacks that took place over the weekend in Paris there has been an uptick in bigoted narratives about why such violent acts occur, namely ones that target refugees, immigration, Islam and Muslims. To counter these bigoted narratives, I’d like to try and answer some basic questions.

  • Terror Attacks, G20 Hypocrisy


    I join with many others who stand for a world of peace and justice in completely repudiating the terrorist attacks in Paris and the similar atrocity in Beirut. We express our full solidarity with the hundreds of innocent victims, dead and injured, many of whom remain in critical condition at this time.

  • The Bloco Tightrope

    Economic Crisis

    As the Greek experience has shown, a radical anti-austerity program demands confrontation. Compromise will lead only to capitulation. Ending austerity will require tackling debt and the eurozone’s fiscal straightjacket head on.

  • Five Things We Already Know About the Paris Attacks (and Ourselves)


    The Islamic State didn’t come out of nowhere; its roots go back to the “Arab Afghans” who fought the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. That it evaded Western intelligence eavesdropping suggests very sophisticated communications ability.

  • Seven Ways Climate Change Is Getting Personal in Ontario


    Climate change is hitting home across Ontario, whether you love hiking, skating, swimming, or sipping a craft wine from the Niagara region’s vineyards. It’s affecting jobs, too, including in tourism, shipping and energy sectors. Here are seven ways climate change is getting personal in the province.

  • A letter to our subscribers

    Web Exclusive

    We are counting on your patience and understanding. And for those of you who are in a position to contribute a little financially to help Canadian Dimension get back into stride, we would be truly grateful. You can send any donations to:

  • Pacific Trade Deal Will Test Trudeau’s Resolve

    Canadian Politics

    If Trudeau intends to sign off on the TPP he is pursuing an odd strategy: encouraging civil society groups to criticize the TPP and raising expectations about his response. In any case he has thrown down the gauntlet. The obvious group to pick it up? The Leap Manifesto. Let the contest begin.

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