• On the Campaign Trail with Harperman

    Canadian Politics

    And on and on it goes, where it stops nobody knows. So in the grand words of one blogger, let’s “Heave Steve.” And another: “It’s about time people stood up to the bully Harper and stop being sheep! Let’s get rid of him.”

  • Intolerable suffering of refugees’ limbo in Canada

    Canadian Politics

    Indeed, our very way of life is dependent on globalized repression to guarantee a good return on our retirement investments, and when the victims of that system are forced to flee for their lives, we blame them for their problems, coming up with pathetic excuses for why we should not help them.

  • Quebec Left Debates Perspectives in Canada’s Federal Election

    Canadian Politics

    It is a depressing campaign, with little discussion of major issues in the corporate media. No party is offering a real alternative on such key issues as climate change, increasing neoliberal austerity, Canada’s increasing militarization, etc.

  • The NDP and the Election

    Canadian Politics

    Socialists need to do education on the limits and realities that make it impossible for the NDP to become an instrument for the kind of social transformation we need – in the short run, with important reforms – or in the longer term, with a challenge to the system.

  • Where Mulcair stands on oil sands and climate change

    Canadian Politics

    The National Observer sat down with the 60-year-old former Quebec environment minister to learn more about his blueprint for the future of Canada’s energy and environment policy. Mulcair says he would scrap and replace the Conservative government’s current system for evaluating oil pipelines.

  • The Leap Manifesto

    Canadian Politics

    We call on all those seeking political office to seize this opportunity and embrace the urgent need for transformation. This is our sacred duty to those this country harmed in the past, to those suffering needlessly in the present, and to all who have a right to a bright and safe future.

  • Tariq Ali on Election of Jeremy Corbyn as New Labor Leader


    Corbyn’s victory presages the prospect of a return to the party’s socialist roots, championing the renationalization of public transportation, free university tuition, rent control, and a national maximum wage to cap the salaries of high earners.

  • US and Western allies must change their Syria policy

    Human Rights

    Citizens in Western states must keep up and intensify the pressure they are putting on their governments to accept more Syrian refugees. This is particularly important in vast, wealthy countries whose responses to the crisis have been pathetic, such as the United States and Canada.

  • China: Reformers and Compradors


    China’s reformers have started their new version of “The Long March” through many layers of corrupt, flawed and failing institutions. Bigger and more consequential changes await the awakening of the working class.

  • Inside Canada’s Defence Lobby

    Canadian Politics

    The increasing influence of defence lobbyists over Canadian politics has lead to the appropriation of billions for programs with no conceivable peacekeeping purpose while establishing a dangerous precedent for their implementation.

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